Bow Hunting In Ontario

Archers are ready to hunt when using the right archery supplies and hunting gear for deer and turkey hunting.

You can buy all sorts of archery supplies and gear or camo clothing; some of these accessories  can help you disappear in the forest. But it’s often those unique and custom camo items that may make the difference in filling your tag.

I have my own favourite lines of clothing and often mix and match them depending on the location where I’m hunting during the fall deer or turkey season.

Numerous bow-hunting retailers and suppliers have camouflage clothing available that is made of material in see through mesh, cotton, nylon and other names I can’t pronounce. With an assortment of coats, shirts, pants and hats in Realtree, Advantage, ASAT,  Predator,  Shadowear along with countless other patterns available finding the right piece of clothing is rather simple.

But what about those hard to find camo items like full and half face masks, neck gators and dickies, or bow and gun cases in both full size or take down models. Bow hunters supplied with the right archery hunting gear will experience better hunts.

When custom designed camouflage material is hand crafted into workable attire suitable for hunting you can put the last touches on your strategy to disappear into the background from a buck’s vision.

I realized during one hunt when hunting all day from my Command Post ground blind or my Double Bull Matrix ground blind that as the sun intensified its rays my face was lit up like a beacon. I knew would need to be fully clothed in black on my next hunt. While not a problem finding black pants and coat I did have to check around for a black facemask.

When hunting with a bow or crossbow human  scent can also be a big factor up close.

A Buck’s super sensitive nose will detect you long before your camo comes into view.

Buck Fever is the only synthetic product I use to help defeat a buck’s nose.

With a full line of scent eliminating wipes and sprays that reduce human scent you can have confidence in your camo up close to keep you hidden.

Washing your camo in Buck Fever before hunting will Make Bucks Hunt YOU.


Check out Buck Fever in Canada

A few phone calls to some hunting retailers answered my dilemma. A small Ontario company call Fred’s Camo had ninja style reversible black/camo dickies and full-face models in most of the hunting stores in Ontario. They were just the item I required to blend in with the black background of my ground blind. With some darkened nylon camo gloves I literally vanished mere inches from the opening of my blind while aiming my Bowtech.

black blind background

Another problem I had was finding a soft-sided camo bow case for my Bowtech compound bow to use when hiking into my tree stand site during those Oh- Dark-hundred hours. Carrying a hard full size plastic case was both noisy and very un- practical. I needed to protect my sensitive sites, string and a quiver of arrows from nasty gnarly twigs and branches. It had to be lightweight and easily stowed when not in use.  I also needed a travel case for my bow and arrows in snowy weather.

I called Fred Johnston at 905-986-5457 to see if he had an answer for my dilemma to which he replied “ Of course, give me the bow’s dimensions and stop by next week.”

As I had some assignment video work for Backyard Wildlife Products near Belleville I would be passing by Blackstock, Hwy #7 & #35 to pick it up. Fred would of course ship it out to me but I wanted to meet the man who specialized in unique hunting products.


Normally one of the many outdoor stores I often visit would have his camo products in stock but this was a speedy special order filled by Fred as a favour.

Fred mentioned he just dropped off a custom carry case for a traditional breakdown bow for a client who mentioned he could have used one like this last week while in Arkansas had he only know!  I looked at one and it made me want to get a breakdown bow just to slide one it in! His custom bow carrier was a fine piece of custom workmanship indeed.

Some of the sporting shops that carry Fred’s Camo are Gagnons, Quinte Sports, Saugeen Shafts, Accuracy Plus, Emms Sports, Head To Toe Outfitters, W.R. Longs, Shooters Choice, Williams Arms, Bennets Bait’n Tackle, Deep River Outfitters, Eli’s Guns& Archery, Ellwood Epps Sporting Goods, Huron Sports Outfitters, Ontario Gun Services, Lake Huron Rod & Gun, Nissouri Country, Pritchard Gun Repairs & Sales(Thunder Bay),Wolfs Den, Santarossa Shooting Sports, The Wild Outdoors, Minden Live Bait & Tackle Inc, Mackies Mountain Archery, Kenogami Gun Shop, Kawartha Lakes Outdoors and Kawartha Traditional Archery.

For custom orders contact Fred directly at 905-986-5457

Tell him Peter Wood of Ripple Outdoors sent ya!

You can contact me  info(at)rippleoutdoors(dot)com

or phone 519-324-6558 for BUCK FEVER in Canada Synthetic Scents and Attractant Products

Toronto police off target

Toronto police off target

Toronto’s Safe City campaign should be targeting criminals

Despite clear evidence that targeting law-abiding gun owners for registration or licensing paperwork violations does nothing to stem violent crime, Toronto police are currently going door to door looking for lapsed firearms license holders, in a self-professed bid to make their city safer. The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (O.F.A.H.), the largest nonprofit conservation based angling and hunting organization in Ontario, condemns this ‘make work’ project as yet another example of law enforcement aiming at the wrong target in an attempt to address the very real problem of violent gun crime.

“It is more than a little ironic that Toronto police are carrying out this activity under the guise of their ‘Safe City Project.’ Instead of working to stem the tide of illegal firearms that are smuggled into Canada and sold on the streets of Toronto and other major urban centres, police are knocking on the doors of law-abiding citizens, in the hopes of finding a legally owned firearm with a lapsed registration,” said Greg Farrant, O.F.A.H. Manager of Government Relations & Communications. “In the process, they are claiming to have tracked down 400 firearms that in their words ‘could have fallen into the hands of criminals.’ Unless they have developed the ability to predict the future, this leap in logic in truly breathtaking. To suggest that a lapse in paperwork is one step removed from the firearm ending up on the streets defies all logic. There are far more productive ways to spend enforcement dollars, such as tracking those individuals who are prohibited from owning firearms, and working with all levels of government to halt the flow of illegal firearms coming into Canada, firearms that are being used to commit crimes in our communities.”

In 1995, the amended federal Firearms Act made it mandatory for every long gun (shotgun or rifle) in the country to be registered. Despite assurances that public safety would be well served by the creation of the $2 billion dollar ‘investment‘ in the long gun registry, the Auditor General of Canada stated in her reports to Parliament in 2002 and 2006, that the department had not been able to demonstrate that the system had enhanced the public safety or had saved lives.

“The Canadian Firearms Centre (C.F.C.) is responsible for notifying firearms owners about renewal of their licenses, but despite their efforts to remain in compliance, thousands of legal, law-abiding firearms owners have failed to receive these notifications or have had their paperwork disappear into some bureaucratic black hole. Given the inherent flaws in the system, well publicized computer failures, repeated violations of privacy, and massive cost overruns, the Justice department has admitted that the program has become overly complex, costly to deliver and difficult for firearms owners to comply. All Canadians, not just hunters, sport shooters and farmers, should be alarmed by Canada’s colossal failure to protect us from violent offenders. This latest futile campaign in Toronto has firearms owners across the country shaking their heads in frustration,” added Farrant.

If found to be in non-compliance with the registration and licensing requirements, firearms owners are provided with an opportunity to come into compliance, but the firearms are removed from their possession until the process is complete. The targeting of legal firearms owners and claims that such actions are resulting in a reduced threat to public safety lacks credibility, and diverts attention away from the fact that the registration system is badly flawed, does nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining illegal firearms and is nothing more than a glorified public relations exercise, which ignores the real problem and threat to the public.

With over 100,000 members, subscribers and supporters, and 660 member clubs, the O.F.A.H. is the largest nonprofit, charitable, fishing, hunting and conservation-based organization in Ontario, and the voice of anglers and hunters. For more information, visit

Pheasants Forever Invitational Shoot & Bird Hunt

This year’s Pheasants Forever Invitational Shoot will be held on October 27th.

Last years shoot was such a a good success they have expanded the format at 1883 Townline Road East in Canfield.

There will be two shooter teams with guide and dog included in your fees.

Four bird totals followed with a BBQ lunch provided.

A Clays Back Me up competition is included.Pheasants Forever_logo

Trophy for the 1st place Hunt Team

Trophy for the Back me up Shoot Team

Only 15 teams maximum so book early!

Cost is $100 per shooter. please make cheques payable to Pheasants Forever Southern Ontario Chapter.

For additional information contact

Jim Marini,  494 Ofield Road N. RR#2 Dundas, ON. L9H 5E2

Invitation to Public Discussions about the Management of Lake Simcoe’s Recreational Fisheries

Invitation to Public Discussions about the Management of Lake Simcoe’s Recreational Fisheries

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) would like to invite you or any other interested party to one of three upcoming public discussion sessions to learn more about the following fisheries management initiatives on Lake Simcoe:

1) The Lake Simcoe Fisheries Stakeholder Committee

2) Lake Simcoe Protection Plan policies related to fisheries

3) Coldwater fish populations and related fishing trends

4) Recent evidence of natural reproduction of coldwater fish

5) Proposed changes to stocking program

6) Restoration initiatives and other fisheries management projects

The dates, locations and times are as follows:

Georgina: Monday September 21, 2009 (6:30 pm to 9:30 pm,)

Kin Hall, 1 Fairpark Lane, Sutton

Orillia: Thursday September 24, 2009 (6:30 pm to 9:30 pm,)

Odas Park Banquet Hall, 4500 Fairgrounds Rd, Orillia

Barrie: Saturday September 26, 2009 (9:00 am to 12 pm,)

Victoria Village Activity Centre, 146 Toronto St., Barrie

Lake Simcoe has a long history of degraded water quality and phosphorus related issues (please see for more details). A key indicator of ecosystem health for Lake Simcoe, is its lake trout population, along with other cold-water fish species. Given their sensitivity to water quality changes it is like a “canary in the coalmine”. The 1960’s and 70’s saw dramatic declines and recruitment failure of important coldwater species, first lake trout, then lake whitefish. This was due to low oxygen levels in the deep coldwater habitat caused by excess loading of phosphorus to the lake. In response to these recruitment failures, MNR started large-scale rehabilitative stocking efforts in 1966 for lake trout and in 1982 for whitefish. These stocking programs have been successful in maintaining these native stocks while at the same time providing the benefits of a sport fishery.

Until recently, the coldwater fishery was essentially comprised of stocked fish with no production of wild lake trout and only a small number of old natural lake whitefish and a few wild recruits. Results from our monitoring programs have now documented the presence of naturally produced (wild) adult lake trout, something we haven’t seen for over 20 years. The number of wild lake trout, lake whitefish and even lake herring (cisco) has all increased in angler’s catches and our monitoring programs in the last few years.

This is a positive sign that Lake Simcoe has the potential to recover, and there is more action being taken to improve the overall health of the Lake. As part of the Provincial Government’s overall strategy to protect and restore the ecological health of the Lake Simcoe watershed, the Lake Simcoe Protection Act was passed in December of 2008 giving authority to develop the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan that was approved and released in June 2009. The Plan will implement a number of actions to reduce phosphorus inputs to the Lake and improve overall water quality in order to meet one of its main objectives of restoring a self-sustaining coldwater fish community to Lake Simcoe. The Plan also has a number of fisheries related policies that will guide MNR’s activities on the Lake for the next several years such as the development of Fish Community Objectives.

Given the intensity and economic impact of Lake Simcoe’s fishery, managing its valuable resources has always been a priority for MNR. To further strengthen our management and improve community partner input into the decision making process, the MNR formed the Lake Simcoe Fisheries Stakeholder Committee in June of 2007. Membership on the Fisheries Stakeholder Committee represents the diverse interests in the fisheries resources of Lake Simcoe. One of the initiatives that this Committee has been working on is the review of Lake Simcoe’s cold water stocking programs as directed by the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan.

The lake trout and whitefish stocking programs have accomplished their objective of maintaining the native populations while ecosystem restoration initiatives were implemented to improve water quality and habitat conditions required for future successful natural reproduction and survival of these species. We have now documented significant natural reproduction and survival of wild lake trout. Given this recent development and the lake trout’s role as top predator, the MNR is proposing to decrease the number of lake trout stocked annually for the next five years.

This proposal has been reviewed by MNR’s scientists and biologists as well as thoroughly evaluated by the Lake Simcoe Fisheries Stakeholder Committee to ensure appropriate precautionary measures have been taken to maintain the quality of Lake Simcoe’s coldwater fishery. It has also been proposed that no change to the present whitefish-stocking program occur at this time.

Please come out and join us to learn more about these and other exciting initiatives (e.g., Lake Simcoe Muskellunge Restoration Project and the Bass Tagging Research Project) underway in order to better manage Lake Simcoe’s valuable fisheries resources. These meetings are open to the public, so please feel free to invite interested family, friends and neighbours.

For more information please call Jason Borwick at 905-713-7404.

Georgina: Monday September 21, 2009 (6:30 pm to 9:30 pm,)

Kin Hall, 1 Fairpark Lane, Sutton

Orillia: Thursday September 24, 2009 (6:30 pm to 9:30 pm,)

Odas Park Banquet Hall, 4500 Fairgrounds Rd, Orillia

Barrie: Saturday September 26, 2009 (9:00 am to 12 pm,)

Victoria Village Activity Centre, 146 Toronto St., Barrie

Want to make a difference?

This is for all the target shooters, hunters, farmers, collectors, sportsmen and sportswomen involved with or own a firearm.

Is it time for you to get  involved?

Help make our community strong.

Register today

In keeping with our mandate to strengthen the political impact of firearms owners and encourage grassroots political activism we have partnered with the Manning Institute in bringing a number of training seminars across the country.

During this school, you’ll learn

How to influence policy-makers using peer-to-peer, online, and letter


How to help pro-firearms candidates get nominated as candidates for major parties.

How to effectively support pro-firearms candidates during elections.

How to network with like-minded individuals and build strength through


How to properly communicate your message to appeal to the broadest level of support.

How to use the internet to spread your message more effectively.

How to raise the funds necessary for a successful advocacy campaign.

You’ll learn from experience operatives in the political advocacy field and take home the skills necessary to advance your political objectives through the public policy process.

Dinner will be served

Edmonton, AB – Thursday, September 17th, 5-9 PM

Alumni House, University of Alberta. 11515 Saskatchewan Drive, Edmonton, AB


Toronto, ON – Thursday, September 24th, 5-9 PM

Sheraton Parkway Toronto North, 600 Highway 7 East, Richmond Hill, ON

Register Here

(flyer attached)


Vancouver, BC – Thursday, October 1st, 5-9 PM

Century Plaza Spa and Hotel, 1015 Burrard Street, Vancouver, B.C.

Register Here <>

Moncton, NB – Thursday October 15th, 5-9 PM

Crowne Plaza Moncton Downtown, 1005 Main Street Moncton, NB

Register Here

We are asking for your help to spread the word and encourage participation.

Register today and pass this on to friend.

Please circulate the flyer to your friends and firearms owners.

Thank you.

Hope to see you there.

Jim Newman

Chief Executive Officer

Canadian Firearms Institute

Institut Canadien des Armes a Feu

P O Box 667

Barrie, ON L4M 4Y5

[email protected]

705.252.0477 direct


3rd Annual Walleye Hunter’s Tourney Sept 12th Dunnville

3rd Annual Walleye Hunter’s Tourney Sept 12th Dunnville

Shot gun Start Port Maitland 7am
Total Weight of 4 fish
top 3 biggest boxes wins
4 man team max
2 man min
$50 per boat
Shot Gun Start Port Maitland East Pier 7am 4pm return
100% Pay Back
1st 2nd 3rd biggest total weight of 4 fish
Calcutta $20 for Biggest Walleye winner takes all
Scales will be located at Fishmaster’s Bait & Tackle Marian weigh in at 4pm Sharp

All boats later will not be able to weigh in …as long as your boat and number is seen by spotter before 4pm you can still weigh in …have your cooler ready and only your 4 biggest fish to come to the scale allowed

All fish must be brought in by boat only.
Any boats seen touching together will be disqualified …
Waver forms to be filled by Captain of boat on Sept 12 by 6am
And all boats must be checked at Fishmasters Marina by 6AM
This will be a cash prize derby only
for Tickets :Call Steve aka Fishmaster (905)971-6874
For Registration Contact Steve at Fishmaster Bait & Tackle
776 Main St East Dunnville Ont

Hunting Blind almost ready for the opener

Well its been a bit of a grunt to build my blind over my secret spot of  Sweet Success food plot but it’s finally almost completed.

Bugs, rain, wind were all factors in fabricating a blind near swamp and forest but I think it will be worth the effort. With 20 acres of corn on my east side and a quick growing food plot on the forest side I know the deer will be attracted to this location. Gobblers and hens were often seen as well.

I wanted a blind I could hunt from and  do some all day photography work from so it had to be reasonably wind and water resistant. With Alfie’s help we built an awesome blind.  After throwing away his rubber tape-measure and a few extra cuts here and there everything fit together.

Alfie constructed side  at home and the roof we built on site. Four 14 foot long cedar logs made sturdy legs with 2×4 as cross bracing.

Treated 2×6 frame and one inch floor boards ensured a solid blind. Roof was made from cedar planks and 2×4 frame. Silicone sealant hopefully will keep the snow and rain at bay, or at least no annoying drips on my camera!

The Backyard wildlife food plot and mineral mix pail will keep the deer and turkeys here all year even after the cornfield is harvested.

Alfie’s blind is a work in progress and should be completed this week also. That’s IF he can stop DROPPING things on me!

check out this blindPeter-deerblind-web


Archery Sale at Badenoch Archery drew lots of hunters.

Archery Sale at Badenoch Archery drew lots of hunters with appearance of Thomas Pigeon..

During Badenoch Archery Sale Host of Canada In The Rough Thomas Pigeon stopped in to sign autographs and talk hunting with numerous hunters both young and “old”.
I stopped by of course to order some carbon arrows and say hello to Thomas and Gail.

During my visit I met Doug Schuyler a top notch goose call maker and we did a podcast interview on his calls.


I also interviewed Thomas about his upcoming season of Canada In The Rough and how his dedication and enthusiasm has helped a lot of youngsters get involved with hunting.

With the announcement of Canada In The Rough being purchased by the Beasley Brothers this will be an awesome time for hunting in Canada!

Peter , Thomas and Gail at Badneoch Archery

Peter , Thomas and Gail at Badenoch Archery

Dog owners check out theTri-Tronics New Bark Limiter G3

Got a noisy dog? The Bark Limiter G3 effectively curtails nuisance barking whether the dog owner is home or away.  The newly-designed collar features 5 intensity stimulation levels, a sleep-mode to conserve battery life, and a Bark Odometer™.

“The Bark Limiter G3 was designed to be the most durable, high-quality bark collar on the market today.  Our engineers took the #1 selling bark collar and made it even better,” stated Gary Williams, Marketing and Sales manager.

Several structural and electronic improvements were incorporated into the G3’s new design.  Higher intensity stimulation will deter even the most stubborn dogs from barking.   Improvements to the electronics have increased battery life.  The sensitivity of the enhanced vibration sensor offers a more consistent delivery of stimulation.  The Lexan casing can withstand more wear-and-tear and delivers solid waterproof protection.

Tri-Tronics exclusive Bark Odometer™ counts the number of stimulations required while the dog’s owner is away.  This allows owners to more efficiently determine the proper level of stimulation to use for their dogs.

The compact design of the Bark Limiter G3 makes it well-suited for dogs of all sizes.  Long and short contact points are included for dogs with different fur length.  A replaceable lithium battery is included. The Bark Limiter G3 price is listed at $110 (MSRP).

Tri-Tronics manufactures a full line of electronic dog training equipment.  The Bark Limiter is backed by a 30-day money-back, 1-year warranty.  All products are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Order your Bark Limiter G3 Here!

Warner Smith

[email protected]

(800) 456 4343

Walk n Toss No Plow Wildlife Food Plot Seed

Walk n Toss no plow wildlife food plot seed.

Don’t have the equipment to cultivate a great food plot?

Is your secret hot spot hard to reach with  equipment to prepare the soil?

How about a simple approach to preparing your own Whitetail food plot that will give you awesome results with just a rake.

soil-prep-Walk-n-TossA demonstration on how to clear a trail with just a rake.


Check out the Walk n Toss food plot I planted on my food plots,  it leads into my Sweet Success food plot.

Sorta of a double whammy for deer this fall!

If you grow it  the deer will come!

Walk-n-Toss-plot-julywalk-n-toss-web You can see the difference a

month makes!

By October the Whitetails will be addicted!




Check out the interview I did with Dr Grant Woods of Grow Deer TV, he explains how well a secret hidey hole works with minimal effort


Planting a Walk N Toss Secret Hidey Hole is Easy