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Dr. Scott Petrie – LongPoint Waterfowl Research Request

Long Point Waterfowl was founded by conservation-minded individuals that understand the value of healthy wetlands in the Great Lakes region and the role that local culture and environmental concerns play in the development of regional, national, and international wetland conservation planning.

The generous support we continue to receive from individuals, clubs, corporations, foundations and organizations has enabled Long Point Waterfowl to make internationally significant contributions to many aspects of waterfowl and wetland research, conservation and education. Our research is critical for science-based delivery of wetland and waterfowl programs by our conservation partners throughout the US and Canadian sides of the Great Lakes. Through our Graduate Research Program we are training future wildlife professionals, many of which are now making significant contributions to research and conservation on both sides of the border. Also, through our Outreach and Education Programs, we educate youth, university students and the public about the importance of healthy wetlands for wildlife and humans.

Through a broadened support base, and the efforts of our staff, students and volunteers, Long Point Waterfowl is now able to celebrate 25 years of making very substantial contributions to research, education, conservation and hunting heritage in the Great Lakes region. However, to maintain this momentum, and to enable Long Point Waterfowl to achieve our mission, we need your financial support.

If you are a current contributor, I wish to thank you again for your continued support.

Long Point Waterfowl Support

If, however, you are not a current contributor, I respectfully request that you consider supporting one or more of our research or education programs.

Please  make a donation to Long Point Waterfowl.

Your consideration of this request is greatly appreciated. Thank You!

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas with your family and friends.


Dr. Scott Petrie

Executive Director