Wetlands & Waterbird Ecology Field Course

Looking to learn more about waterfowl?

Long Point Waterfowl recently coordinated its sixth Wetlands & Waterbird Ecology Field Course.  Long Point Waterfowl in partnership with the University of Western Ontario and funding from the Sam Johnson Education Scholarship have been offering the course since 2005 to students from universities throughout Ontario.  The course introduces students to basic wetlands and waterbird ecology and management through site visits to several local Long Point marshes and the St. Clair National Wildlife Area.  The course also stresses the importance of organizational partnerships in wetland conservation through guest presentations from employees of Bird Studies Canada, the Canadian Wildlife Service, Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Canadian Raptor Conservancy.  This year 15 students from 5 Ontario universities participated in the field course.  For more information please visit the course web page at: