How To Make An Elk Wallow Rut Pit That Attracts Bulls In Ontario

Drives Bull crazy when poured into a real or mock wallow pit.


Syn-WallowJuice8oz_expA quality synthetic Elk attractant that works

  • Keeps dominant bull in area longer, encourages estrus cows to over-mark
  • Proven effective over 7 years of field testing; won’t spook cows like real scent can due to spoilage
  • 100% synthetic, reactivated by moisture like rain, snow, dew and other Elk at your Rut Pit
  • Now available August 10th until September 12th as a Buck Fever Canada Special (only in Canada)
  • Buy two -8 ounce bottles of Elk Wallow Juice and save 25% (thats $12.00)
  • Just look for the BFC Elk Rut Special