Spypoint - Get The POINT!
Spypoint – Get The POINT!

Peter Wood Host of Hunt Talk – Ripple Outdoors Hunting and Fishing Show

Ontario Spypoint Pro-Staff.


As a long time hunter I depend on Spypoint products to help me year round with my pre/post and hunting seasons be a complete success. Today’s hunter has a lot of challenges to overcome each season and trail cameras are a great way to to scout 365 days a year, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

As a hunter with over 35 years of experience I found trail cameras have revolutionized the way I hunt with greater success. As an outdoor media communicator I depend on quality photos to enhance articles, do product reviews and write informative how to information on my Ripple Outdoors web site.

Whether hunting big game like moose, bear or deer, wild turkeys or predators trail cameras help me decide on location and best time to hunt through photographs or video on my Spypoint trail cameras in the field.

Now with Spypoint digital memories to go along with real time hunting memories I will be able to reflect on past hunts and plan future hunts knowing I have the information I need to make it happen each and every time.

Spypoint 2012 line up features new products that lead the industry with innovative technology like Black Flash, Black Box receivers, Live 3G, faster sensors like zero second reaction time. Now that’s FAST!

Free Software uploads and great personal customer service.

Camera cases that are built for Canada’s freezing winter condition with long life lithium batteries.

Of course with easy to use displays and controls they are a snap to use.

LED lights for nighttime illumination at three different angles for best light.

Lockable metal boxes available with python locks make them virtually theft proof and bear proof.

All that in an ultra small concealable, lockable case.


Check out the new 2012 catalogue or Spypoint Website for more details

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