Antlerless Buck – pass or shoot – take the survey

Most deer hunters are faced with this situation at some time.

Do you fill your bow only buck tag on a buck that has already dropped his antlers?

Spending many sub zero days on stand or in a blind can make for a long sit especially if the wind is howling and deer are hunkered down.

While a lot of hunters only purchase one tag; many deer hunters also purchase numerous tags to seal on a downed deer in a single season.  Ontario has numerous wildlife management units enabling hunters to have up to seven game seals.

How about you?

Last year I posted a podcast on Deer Tag Soup, were you one of those deer hunters who enjoyed a bowl like me?

This year I had two awesome bucks feeding on some Rack Stacker Deer Feed and Fixation Deer Attractant at the back of my property. See Bucks shed antlers early in a previous post.

I have venison in the freezer from our controlled shot gun hunt and was hoping to fill my bow tag with mature trophy buck.

That brings me back to my original question?

Would you fill your tag on an antlerless buck this late in the season?

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