Buck sheds antlers early in Ontario

Finding antler sheds before the season ends makes me wonder of the health of the deer herd.

Has anyone else found deer sheds yet?

This is the second year a local buck chose to drop it’s antlers on my property. Now three and a half its looking to be a an awesome looking buck.

A rough check on this years shed score roughly at 150 if both antlers are symmetrical.

Spy Point Trail cam photos show this buck just got lucky with no head gear now.

He walked up to a pile of Fixation near my feeder last night with no antlers.

Often bucks loose antlers fighting and sparring but this dropped antler was in pursuit of some Rack Stacker Deer Feed. I will be on the lookout for the right side antler.

I still have a shooter buck visiting my feeder according to my Spy-Point-Camera.

Hopefully he will be sporting his headgear when I’m there with my Bow-Tech

Possible 170 class buck checking out my Rack Stacker Deer Feed

  • eric

    What part of ontario are you?
    I seen a group of deer last night (11 or 12 ) with a couple large deer among them.Watched for about 15 minutes and did not see any antlers on them.It is still early but i think they may have shed already.

  • Tara van Leerdam


    Unfortunately I don’t have an answer for you in terms of finding any antlers, but I’m wondering if you could answer one for me… do you know when deer tend to shed them? I’m looking to find some for a project. Thanks!

  • datsdajoke

    That sounds really early in the season. I have seen deer well into January in SW Ontario with full racks. Maybe you are more north where antlers are lost earlier in the season for survival reasons? It would be nice to have his sheds this year and the trophy on the wall next year. Looks like you have a great spot with great bucks. I’m envious. Good luck next season.