Deer photos getting easier to take with high end trail camera like the SpyPoint Pro-X

Ontario Whitetail bow hunters need to get closer than firearm hunters for obvious reasons.

One way to get closer to deer when bow hunting in Ontario is to know where they travel during peak times of the day. Often first and last light are considered the best time of course. As deer are slaves to their  stomachs they can easily be monitored. During  the “RUT”  deer traveling anytime.

With the popularity of trail cameras knowing where & when deer move has made this a whole lot easier. Simply by placing a few trail cameras at funnels or forest/field edges has often paid off big during the hunting season. Food plots always draw deer in night and day but with a trail camera that displays time and date you know a deer habits of munching on afternoon snacks before prime time.

Where the Does go so go the Bucks is often mentioned. Believe it. You can verify this easily with a trail camera positioned on your food plot. You can place trail cameras at trail intersections about 100 yards from a food plot. Often the Big Boys hang up there while waiting for night to darken the forest. Again if you know where and when  a tree stand or ground blind may make all the difference in filling a tag.

I use a Spy-Point Pro-X series of trail camera for the  quality of photos and video it can produce. Size does matter where game cameras are concerned and the Pro-X is compact and easily hidden. A rechargeable Li Ion Polymer battery lasts a long time before recharging is required.

You  a strap or bungee cord to attach to a tree but I often use my BowNear mini camera holder for its ease and versatility of use.

You can place it up high or low at any angle to get some great photos.


My Pro-X take awesome photos both far and near in all sorts of weather.