Over seeding a DIY Whitetail Deer and Turkey food plot

Amplified seed from Rack Stacker great for over seeding an existing DIY food plot.

After a few hours of turkey hunting,   ok I was sitting relaxed against a tree from 5am till 10 am until I decided to wander back to my truck.

A quick java and sandwich later I was all set to get back to my gobbler hunt but first opted to spend a few minutes to over seed my  Rack Stacker Superb-uck DIY food plot that was planted last year.

A one pound bag of Rack Stacker Amplifed Seed and an equal amount of sand was poured and mixed in my portable hand seed spreader.

After only few minutes I over seeded  my DIY Whitetail Deer and Turkey Food Plot along with another small plot about 50 yards away that leads into this plot.

When any new weeds appear I will lop the heads off with a gas powered weed wacker to eliminate them.

New growth from the Amplied seed will burst through last years food plot with awesome tonnage to keep the local deer herd well fed well into fall and winter.