Do acorns attract deer

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 What acorns attract deer most; Red or White Acorns?


Nutritional values for acorns:

Facts from nutritional expert Wayne Woosley revealed after research, one ounce of dried acorn has on average 140 calories, of which 9 grams is fat, 15 grams is carbohydrate, and 2 grams is protein. Using some simple math, that means a whopping 50% (72 calories) of the caloric intake is from fat! Carbohydrates make up 43% of the caloric intake, which can also be converted and stored by a deer’s body as fat or immediately used as energy. Protein makes up just 6% of the caloric intake, but protein is not very important for adult deer at this time of year.

Deer love acorns

What do deer prefer more? Red or White AcornsWhile scouting for deer  hunting locations always take note of Red or White Acorn Trees as they are a feeding magnet when they start to drop nuts in the fall. Marking these location in your GPS or on a topo  map will make for good reference each year.

How do you tell Red from White Acorns?

Red Oak Tree  usually have pointed leaves while White Oak Trees have rounded edges on the leaves.

Better yet put out a Spypoint Live 3G trail camera to scout when your not there. When the nuts start dropping the deer will be feeding. Receiving a photo direct to your pc or cell will let you know its time to be hunting that location.

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