Do Liberal Rosedale Residents Have Enough Wind?

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Wind Concerns of Ontario website had an informative post today.

I just wanted to pass it on for anyone that thinks wind power will cure Ontario’s energy needs.

I try to keep to my format of  hunting and fishing and this issue does affect it. Just check the facts.

In case you haven’t noticed those giant wind turbines sprouting up all over Ontario you need to get outside and LOOK!

I try to keep an open mind but the Liberal Government is shoving and promoting their Wind Turbines everywhere.

In a letter to the Toronto Sun Graham Hawkridge of the Kawarthas asks Dalton McGuinty if he would be opposed to Wind Turbines In Rosedale.

Check it out  Wind Turbines

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You can also read it below

Toronto Sun

I have just been informed that Dalton McGuinty lives in Rosedale.

To be honest, we in rural Ontario had no idea our premier lived among so many environmentally concerned constituents.

Perhaps McGuinty wouldn’t mind carrying out a test poll of the residents of that up-scale parish, and see what their reaction would be to having 50 or so, 550-foot tall, wind turbines placed on the eastern and western slopes of the Don Valley, using the government’s set-back guideline of 550 metres.

Imagine the outrage this would bring to the halls of our provincial legislature and the baying of lawyers on Bay Street, all biting at the latte cup lip to be first in line to challenge McGuinty’s Green Energy act.

Given that there are several miles of sloping hillside, starting just south of Eglinton and continuing for some distance down to the Riverdale Farm, you could use the 140 metre set-back from significant watershed rule (the Don River) and it would be a good place for a considerable amount of turbines.

It might possibly mean the expropriation of a few hundred or more mature native trees, but the end result would provide green electricity to hundreds of homes in Rosedale, while perhaps lowering the cost of transmission extensions, and the use of carbon burning fuels, such as coal, oil etc.

You’d think in this particular area a wind farm would be welcomed by McGuinty’s neighbours. He could then claim he was responsible for encouraging green energy, and proved it by putting it in his own backyard, so to speak.

As an added bonus, this “made-in-Toronto wind farm” would not take up valuable farm land, significant rural forest, historical sites, or private property, but would in fact be utilizing land that is of no value to anyone, is not designated as conservation land, is not of special interest and is of course the main thoroughfare for the Don Valley Parkway, already noisy and polluting the air we breathe, making it an ideal site for the first city in Ontario to truly get on board with Green Energy act.

I’m sure residents of Rosedale would welcome this venture, and be assured no health or sound problems would ensue, as the science quoted by the Liberal party is indisputable, so says Dr. Arlene King, Ontario’s chief medical officer of health.

Come to think of it, there are literally hundreds of green spaces in Toronto that could support any number of industrial wind turbines, hydro right of ways, High Park, Toronto Island, the list is endless.

And with the Green Energy act in full force, little or no resistance should occur, and wind turbine corporations would be champing at the bit, to be the first to install concentrated wind farms all over the cityscape.

But, don’t let that worry you Toronto. According to John Gerretsen, minister of the environment, wind turbines are becoming a tourist attraction on Wolf Island, so perhaps they would draw even more tourist dollars for Toronto?

Sounds good to me, what about you premier?

Graham Hawkridge, City of Kawartha Lakes

What do you think about Wind Turbines?

I wonder how many MPP can see a GIANT WIND TURBINE from their residence?

Or hear the whoop whoop whoop of the rotating blades?

I wonder if any MPP clean up the dead flying birds or bats that lay at the base of those giant blades swirling in the wind?

For more information check out Wind Concerns Ontario

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  1. The public needs to wake up NOW. Rural Ontario, wildlife areas and greenbelts have basically been handed over to the large wind developers. Virtually no environmental assessments are being done, nothing is sacred. In only 6 months alone, the Wolfe Island facility has killed over 600 birds (including raptors) and 1200 bats.

    I urge all anglers and hunters to join the fight against the McGuinty government who sees anything outside of Toronto as open to exploitation like a third world country.

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