Essential Hearing Safety Sporting Clay Shooting

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Shooting a Round of Sporting Clays is Always a Blast

To enjoy and get the most of out of this fun sport of Sporting Clays choosing essential safety gear to protect your hearing is key.

Almost any shotgun can be used especially hunters shotguns as this is what Sporting Clays is all about. There is of course a huge selection of firearms to choose from.

As with any shooting sport safety first when sensitive hearing is involved!

Common sense is required when ears may be affected and  a round of Sporting Clays is no exception.

Sport Ear Muffs

Ear protection is essential when 50 to a 100 rounds of shotgun are fired. When standing behind other shooters a shotgun blast can still affect your hearing.

You can typically go with a few types of hearing protection,,,,,and no fingers in your ears just wont cut it!

Depending on your budget and number of times you plan on shooting may of course influence your choice of ear protection.






There are Pros and Cons for hearing protectors.



As what to become was a life long hobby and shooter I invested early in my shooting gear to protect my senses.

After all I had to use and wear safety gear at work so why not when  I played!

My first choice is the head muff with extras. A Sport Ear muff a huge pro factor.

ProSounds also has a fundraising page that you can get in on a special order


With up to 8X sound amplification you can enjoy total control over both volume and frequency, allowing you to zero-in on just the sounds you want to hear. You can block out their noise with the twist of a dial.

Plus I can also use them in the garage, around the shop or cutting the lawn or listen to music!


The M-Series earmuffs also have an auxiliary port where you can plug in any phone, tablet or listening device making this the easiest way to integrate technology into your activity without any complications. This feature gives you the freedom to listen to music, the radio or a phone call without taking the earmuffs off.

The M-Series offer reliable industrial hearing protection and is the best option for hunting, shooting or any other recreational activity that involves potentially damaging high levels of noise.


Other Options include:

While protecting your ears can be as simple and affordable as using throw away ear plugs there are drawbacks

They come in numerous styles and colours. Just roll them up, insert into ear.

They provide decent hearing protection and cost less than a buck a nice pro. But big con is they are  easily lost .

disposable ear plugs
disposable ear plugs












For budgets a little more flexible you can try a set of custom crafted personal ear protectors typically around $100 – 200

When looked after, cleaned and stored in their protective pouch they last for years and are comfortable to wear.

They do block normal conversation but if your going to be in a noisy environment all day they will do the job.

Just don’t loose them as they are one of a kind to fit your ear.












By far the most favourite choice at the gun range is a set of protective ear muffs. Some are plain simple muff while other models have a few unique features worth looking at.

Prices range from $20 – $200.

PFW_0068The Sport Ear provides a lot of bang for your buck, with out the noise!

They have added features like a noise reduction while allowing you to hear conversations.

You can check out the complete line up of hearing protection and also check the crowd sourcing on Indigo Here






If you want to go all out,,,,,and why not it’s your hearing.

Check out Ghost Strike from Axil Pro, for premium protection and comfort.

Click here for additional information

Top of the line comfort and ear protection

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