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Many of you anxious hunters will have already started packing or organizing your essential equipment for this years upcoming hunts. With opening day of waterfowl or moose season in sight you need to have the right gear. During my travels this year to writing conferences in North Bay and Roanoke in West Virginia I discovered some new and tried and true products aimed at the hunter or angler.

One of my favourite’s was the ThermaCELL. About the size of an extra large coffee mug, this little unit once ignited emits fumes that kept those nasty squeeters away from your location. I used mine in the boat on those hot muggy windless evening when the bugs would swarm anything standing still. It was awesome when I used a blind for turkey hunting in early spring mornings. Cost is $30 for a ThermaCELL. Included were propane cells and wicks, extras could be purchased at most outdoor retailers. For additional information 1-866-753-3837 or

Another helpful item that has a wide range of essential products is available from Tender Corp. . These highly portable functional first aid kits for hunters or anyone else in the outdoors are part of my daypack. If you did get bit, stung, or cut they have a product to cover you in a handy pouch. They also have Ben’s bug spray that worked for most of the day against any pestering tics & mosquitoes. I have used my tube of AfterBite Xtra to reduce the itch out of numerous wasp stings and countless mosquitoes bites all summer.

One product I have started to use and rely on for my forays into the forests is from It’s a customized topo map you build on your computer for any location in North America. Once customized and you have your map exactly how you want it, you simple save and order online. It’s delivered to your door in about a week. They come in three sizes in both folded or rolled format.

I have ordered a few, a wall sized one for the cottage, a rolled up one for my ATV and a folded one for my knapsack. Maps that are waterproof and durable and customized for me by me for any trip I plan. MyTopo offers a choice of paper finishes, including waterproof, glossy and full-seal laminated maps.  Every map is printed with UV/fade resistant inks.  Check them out at or phone 1-877-587-9004 to order one. Tell Paige I sent you.

For anglers that has searched slop or weedy bays for monster bass only to loose both lure and trophy to snags I have a lure for you. I know the pros use this frog for tight structure when surface fishing.   Gil Johnson a tournament angler from Tennessee was demonstrating these lures at a seminar in Roanoke Virginia. He had numerous different types of plastic frogs available to the angler. You have seen these imitation amphibians at local fishing shops, Canadian Tire or Bass Pro Shops.  A side by side comparison convinced me that Snag Proof lures were best suited to catching a large Bucketmouth overall. These lures weren’t cheap, but with Gamakatsu super sharp hooks designed to be fished weed-less and as close to snag proof as possible. A pliable body that fish didn’t let go with astounding action to entice any trophy bass. Try them yourself on a side-by-side comparison with the other frog baits and you will see why the pros use them. Check them out at 

Duck season opens up this Saturday the 22nd of September; so don’t forget to get a duck stamp at your local postal outlet. Cost is just over $18.

Bow season for Deer opens up October 1st so get your bow sighted in and ensure your hunting tips are razor sharp. Hopefully you have practised those pre-season scent control tips found at podcast episodes #12, #39 & #40. Good luck!

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