Spring Crappie bite is on

Spring fishing for Crappies can often be hit or miss.


Finding fish is the key of course to a tasty diner.

A great on line tool to use is the MNR Fish-On-Line website


Choose a lake near you, hook up the boat, pack the kids and head out.

You can of course fish from the shoreline or from a pier but it does limit your search.


A back bay about 6-8 feet deep will hold fish or marinas and canals.


Bait selection is easy, real minnows or Gulp bait works just fine.

A 1/16-1/8th oz hook, or jig, bobber and 4 lb test line on a light rod will take

care of the equipment side.

It really is that simple.

The spring bite only lasts for a short time

so get out soon.