Walleye Academy at the Spring Fishing & Boat Show

The Walleye Academy announced today that they have been commissioned by the Spring Fishing & Boat Show to appear at this year’s show taking place February 18th to the 21st at the International Centre in Mississauga.

Hatch, McAllister and Devine will deliver an intense 45 minute forum each day of the Spring Fishing & Boat Show covering both inland and Great Lakes techniques that will awe even the Avid Angler.

Andrew Pallotta of The Spring Fishing & Boat Show goes on to say “The Spring Fishing & Boat Show has always been about the avid angler, and I believe the Walleye Academy will continue to add to the credibility of the show. This year we have decided to bring the Master Angler Seminars into the main floor. All Master Angler Seminars will be hosted on the SUFIX STAGE which will be up front in Hall 5. I believe the Walleye Academy will continue to deliver the information that will uphold the level of the Master Angler Seminars”.

Spending countless days on the water guiding and teaching clients the fundamentals of walleye fishing; NPAA members Sheldon Hatch and Grant McAllister realized that there is a need for a more informative resource when it comes to catching walleye in Ontario. “Far too often we encounter people that have spent hundreds of hours on the water and $1000’s of dollars on equipment and travel only leave with their live wells empty. The Walleye Academy will attempt to bridge that gap” says Hatch. “Our goal is to educate our students on the fundamentals of walleye fishing which they can employ on any body of water and hopefully result in consistent and quality catches” said McAllister.

Based on theoretical study, the Walleye Academy will take place in a classroom setting over a one day period throughout multiple venues in Ontario. Students will be educated on a variety of topics that range from walleye behaviour and location throughout the seasons, introductory and advanced tactics and techniques, reading and interpreting electronics, boat control and bait selection.

“We are both very excited to be a part of the Academy” says McAllister. “Having the opportunity to impart our knowledge to the general public and witness the results of such, is truly inspirational. That’s why we do it.”