Fly Casting Classes now offered at Grindstone Angling

Fly fishing instructions for beginners in fly fishing techniques and basics

Beginning on Saturday January 30th 2010, we have acquired an Indoor sports facility with ample room for indoor fly-casting instruction. Grindstone will offer classes through the balance of the winter months to teach and improve your skills as a fly angler by honing your fly casting technique. The classes will run from 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. each Saturday until April 3rd.

We will schedule a series of clinics through this time for all aspects of fly-casting. The clinics will include:

Introduction to fly casting: This class is based on the new angler or those who have never taken an instructional course from a professional instructor.  We will start with a brief breakdown of the components of a flyrod and reel, how and why everything matches and work together to give the angler a balanced outfit.  As well, understanding the mechanics of how the rod and line work to perform a well executed fly-cast. We will be performing a series of casts in this program, the pickup and lay down cast, false casting, mending fly line and the reach cast. Anglers will be ready to advance to the next skill levels of fly-casting once you have completed this program.

Casting Tune-ups: This Class is for the individual who is striving to become a better fly caster. The instructors are going to concentrate on your skill level and work with you and the mechanics of your cast to make you more efficient. You will have a better understanding of the proper load of the flyrod to execute a better cast with greater accuracy and also allowing you to achieve control with greater distance in your cast.

Casting for distance: This is for the angler who has some experience fly-casting and wants to achieve greater distance with control of the cast. We will work on the single and double haul. These casts maximize the load of the flyrod with increased line speed and timing to present a fly while achieving greater distance from your fly-line. This clinic is great for the angler who wants to cover a-lot of water and still maintain control of their cast for those wary fish that will often spook on a sloppy presentation. The instructor will work with the skill level of each angler advancing your level to achieve the required goal.

John Valk has been fly fishing and guiding for more than 30 years and can teach you anything from the beginner levels of casting to advanced stages of double hauling. He has the ability to work any casting situation to produce a positive outcome for his clients or students.  If you like destination fishing or travel abroad and are planning to go fly rod in hand, John’s expertise can help make your trip a success by covering some of the casting situations you will encounter.