Fly-tying with Grindstone Angling 2009

A Special Fly tying event on Tuesday, April,14th at 7:00 p.m. Mr. Phil Rowley from the New Flyfisher T.V. show Presenter and Banquet speaker at this year’s Izaak Walton Fly-fishing Forum. 

Who is a great speaker and author who along with Brian Chan cover the Stillwater fly patterns from the west and has been a guest on many fly angling TV shows, Will be with us at the shop to do a fly-tying session on some great fly-patterns for both Still waters and slower moving waters. Phil has many innovative patterns that he has created and shared with a great number of tiers over the years and will share those patterns with the class on Tuesday night.

The fly patterns for the class will include Sedge caddis patterns, Damselflies, his incredible Balanced Leach, Dragonflies and more. He will also discuss during the class methods and techniques to fish them.

Grindstone will supply all the materials for the class. Feel free to bring your vice and tools or if you would like us to set up a vice for you please let us know.

The class is limited seating, Please e-mail or call the shop to hold a spot.

  905-689-0880 or [email protected]