Todd, Daniel, Mathew and Ann the beagal

Todd, Daniel, Mathew and Ann the beagal

Bunny Hunting in the snow


  1. Mentoring….You don’t need a gun to have fun. You just give your gun to some one. Takem hunting. Make memories you’ll laugh… have fun…remember beagles make you smile!!!!!

    Rick ,,you can certainly have have hunting at any age, but you do need a mentor for younger kids in Ontario

  2. Hey Just want everyone to know!!!!!This hardy bunch promotes outdoor winter activity. Niagara Trappers get out in the snow. Ann she’s now a member in good standing ( all four feet)of the Caistor Centre Chapter. Just a point of information….daddy fox is now in HOT persuit of momma fox….ahha its that time of year …perfect for your own version of fox and hound…if you own a beagle that loves fox…now right now is the time to get out there…it will crust up soon… and your beagle will have the speed to put that bushy tale critter in your sites..

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