Grand Slam Rio Gobbler hunt was twice as Grande!

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My Grand Slam hunting trip set up by Mark Reinert of Outdoor Connections had me off to K&K Outfitters in Kansas for Rio Grande Gobblers.

The hunt was excellent.  Getting there was a bit of a challenge, due to the airlines and paperwork, but once there the weather cooperated and my Grand Slam Turkey Hunt was finally started!

The Kelso brothers Kendall & Keaton were owners of K&K Outfitting. Kendall was also my guide. He had me on Rio’s the first afternoon. Totally awesome!

Kendal Kelso - K&K Outfitters

As my flight into Wichita was delayed till almost midnight and the ride to the ranch was 90 minutes I elected to sleep into 8am.

After Kendall cooked up a great Kansas breakfast I assembled my Excalibur Exocet 200 Crossbow and sighted it in. One shot at 20 yards was all it took. Right on the dot. I packed up my the rest of my gear and we headed out. I was wearing the new ASAT 3D camo for my Grand Slam and was wondering how it would blend in. 

We drove to one of the numerous leased properties that he had managed for the last 4 years for both Monster Trophy Kansas Bucks and hefty Rio’s.

The short walk out to a Double Bull Blind at the edge of cottonwoods was ideal. It was situated on a point with about 600 acres of forest directly behind us. Turkey sign was all around the blind.

Kendall placed a hen and Prettyboy gobbler decoy out in front. We sat back to relax. The wind was howling out of the south directly at us with the forest behind us.

Kendall said it was just “breezy today” wait till it really blows!

Regardless we continued calling occasionally and glassing the area.

glassing with my Vortex Razor Bino's 

Well I’m not sure if Kendall growling stomach or mine got us thinking about food, but we decided maybe a quick lunch into town might be good.

Kendall’s mentioned his other blind location was a hot spot 400 yards south  into the cottonwoods. We could hunt that next or the next morning.

Now myself a turkey hunter for 20 years and Kendall also an avid gobbler hunter both knew “patience was key

 Hesitantly we packed up our gear and stowed the decoys inside the blind for the next morning’s hunt.

2 Rio Gobblers

We set off slowly skirting the east edge of the field when just 80 yards from the blind way we spy two gobblers headed our way. Perhaps 160 yards in the distance.

Diving to the dirt before being spotted we quickly decided to return to the blind. They were still headed our way. Likely responding to our previous calls with that strong south wind.

No sooner had we crept back 10 yards when two more gobblers and seven hens walked out in front of the blind!

Right where we had the decoys!

BUSTED! and we BOTH knew better!

That flock scurried back down the west side of the forest from where they had come.

We packed up , returned to the blind for another hour. A coyote came lopping from the west and headed right to where the two gobblers were approaching from. The never showed up.

Packing up again we travelled down the west side of the forest deeper into the tangled cottonwoods. Blow-downs where everywhere, it was superb wildlife habitat. Walking quietly in single file we reached the DB Blind in about 20 minutes.

Check out my blog on Thursday to see how my Grand Slam Turkey Hunt turns out!

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