Have you seen a Cougar in your back yard?

Reports out of the Niagara Region have almost confirmed there is indeed a cougar roaming the farm lands. Local newspapers have had residents reporting sightings of a large cat. MNR determined it is an exotic cat. Local trapper Todd Griffin was was hired by authorities to investigate and trap the elusive cat. Bill Murch an information MNR officer requested if any one see or hears anything relating the the cougar to phone the Niagara Regional Police at 905-688-4111 ext 3335.

Perhaps with November’s snow fresh cat tracks may help out this investigation.

DNA samples of scat and hair sample may take 2-3 months before a report is issued.


Check out this weeks podcast at RippleOutdoors.com to hear about trapping the cougar!

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  1. This past summer I was driving in the afternoon down island rd. towards the casino in Port Perry when 20 ft. ahead i saw what first looked to be a fox or dog. However when we got about ten ft. it was right infront of us trotting across the road. I looked at pictues of the cougar and it was very similar. My neighbor has also had a few goats go missing lately as well. The cougar also was no where near any forest or shelter just fields. It seemed odd.

  2. Hi! I live in the Niagara area and my horse was attacked by a large exotic cat. My horse sustained many injuries, however luckily not life threatening. There were huge claw marks down her back and legs, bite and punture marks on her sides. Fortunately my horse was on antibiotics at the time for mastitis, this helping her wounds to heal. The MNR are well aware that we have a jaguar loose in the area. I have very clear pictures of the cat prints that are the same size as a man’s hand. I see these prints on a regular basis on my property. Local neighbours have photo’s and video’s of this cat and the authorities are well aware of this footage. Apparently, my horse being attacked is the first case of it attacking something. What the MNR fail to recognize, is that if this cat will attack a horse at 04:00 in the afternoon,at daylight, then how capable is this cat to attack a human??? This cat is thought to be de-clawed in the front as at one time it was someone’s pet!!!! This explains why my horse got away and wasn’t ripped wide open and killed. I am very frustrated as MNR are well aware that this cat is loose and choose to do nothing. The police have stated they would hire a helicopter to seek out this cat. However, they now choose to forget about the attack and want me to sight this cat before they will take any action . The proof of the prints in my back property is proof enough that this cat is still lingering around. Quite frankly I don’t care who steps up to the plate to get this cat, but someone has to before a child or adult is killed.

  3. Hi this is Connie again, the frustrated horse owner whose horse was attacked by an exotic cat (jaguar).
    I am frustrated by the lack of response by the police or MNR,as I continue on my own to trap this cat. I have many pictures of prints throughout this winter, and pictures of the black jaguar which a Niagare Regional Police officer has a picture that was taken a few weeks ago. There is a video clip of the same black jaguar which was also taken in my area. I have been waiting for DNA results of scat that was taken back in October. Your comment of 2-3 months is way off!! I am disgusted with the lack of help from the MNR and Police to catch this animal. I have to do this alone, and put myself and family at risk. The police are well aware that this black jaguar is out there and their own men have the evidence. The MNR refuse to coaperate with the police . Now is the time to send a helicopter like they have done with previous escaped cats. Their is no leaves on trees and this cat has an audvious perimeter in which he hunts. I feel the cost of the helicopter is a far cry from the cost of a humans life. I know this cat will attack again as by the evidence of his prints on my property every 3-4 weeks. He’s waiting for my horses to be available for mealtime. Anne Yagi from the MNR has said several times to me that this cat will be back!! If I was lucky enough to capture this cat, I hope MNR are ready for the arrival of this cat on their doorstep so they can recognize the fear I have been dealing with for the last 7 months. I would appreciate a reply from the authorities r/t a helicopter, because as long as this cat comes around my property, I will be continuing my plea for help, and prey that nobody gets hurt in the meantime. ( A suggestion would be that Joel Dirsch from the MNR educate himself before he replies to me again, that it was probably a coyote that attacked my horse and deny that there is a huge problem)

  4. Hello Connie Spiece & Residents,

    How are you? I totally feel for you and your situation. I’m sorry to see that our Law Enforcement Officals, Local Goverment and MNR have failed us! We are the local residents of the Niagara Region
    having to deal with this HUGE PROBLEM!! I’m also aware of the other regions of Ontario that are having the same sightings and issues. I feel for you also. My fiance`and I seen one with our own eyes. The sighting was In Nov of 2007. There were approx 6 other eye witnesses who also seen this Large Tan coloured Cougar from about 50-60 ft from the edge of the road walking through tall grass.. It was very sizable (approx 175-200 Lbs. Location: Pt.Colbourne, Ontario. We are 500% sure that this was a cougar. Not a coyote, House Cat or Domestic Dog!!! Does the MNR think people are stupid! What other animal has this type of muscular development, stance, stride and a tail almost the length of it’s body. No other animal has the confidence level these cougars have.

    They fear Nothing!!

    That’s why they are dangerous. I live In the Smithville/Caistorville area and I’ve talked to
    area residents who are totally credible and swear
    what they seen was a cougar. Something has to be done here! Local residents have to take some kind of stand before somebody gets hurt or even killed.

    We are friends with a local Real Estate agent who told us that residents near Dunnville (Low Banks)
    area have seen a very large Black colored Cat
    many times. One of which viewed the cat eating a large black bird at 2:30 In the afternoon. I don’t know about you guys..but I think that local residents have to have some kind of awareness of
    what Is going on around them. There are alot of elderly residents that don’t have access of to
    this type of info via the internet etc. I think
    too many people are In denial. I pray to God,
    more people openly talk and step up to the plate.

    Together we can accomplish ANYTHING! Alone we can
    Accomplish NOTHING!!!

    They are a fascinating & majestic animals, but they don’t belong this close to our communities.

  5. I am almost certain , I saw a large black cougar-panther at Lake Gibson in Thorold, Ont at about 7am, walking along the shoreline all alone. This occured in October 2008, the cat I thought was 5-6 feet long and about 200+ pounds. I have heard of others saying they have come face to face with a black cat in the thick brush on Lake Gibson. I thought I would never see one, how lucky I was.

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