Another Superb-uck food plot planted with a Chevy van!

Last year I had the opportunity to hunt with Jerry   his good  friend Edward. on a special goose hunt,  RippleOutdoors .

This year Jerry and Edward wanted to plant a food plot for whitetail deer and turkeys.

For those that didn’t read it Edward is paralysed from the neck down with very limited movement. We camouflaged Edward to look like a bale of hay amongst about 80 goose decoys. To see how that day turned out click here

Now Edward was limited of course to helping us planting a Backyard Wildlife food plot but Jerry and I managed to do it very easily and in little time. I sprayed for weeds two weeks ago. Jerry rented a Plotmule from Badenoch Archery and we met at 8am at the proposed plot location.


Unfortunately my ATV was located north and I had no time to retrieve it.

Jerry said we could do it with his van!

I was sceptical as Jerry proceeded to disk up the soil with the plotmule towed behind his van but indeed he did get mos t of it plowed up. When we added a set of harrows I had to take over with my 4×4 truck to finish off the plot.

Now I don’t recommend this method to everyone but we did get it disked up and seeded with Backyard Wildlife Superb-uck seed in just under two hours. The plot measured just over 1/2 acre in size.


Rain had started to soak the soil down making it greasy,

Hence my 4×4

helping out, but I was amazed by Jerry’s van digging in and turfing soil!


There’s still time to get your Backyard Wildlife Food Plot Plant. Deer season start soon so don’t delay!

If you want a free sample of Walk n Toss seed contact me info[at]rippleoutdoors[dot]com and I will tell you how to get some!