Backyard Wildlife Walk n Toss and Sweet Success Food Plots

Using Walk n Toss and Sweet Success seeds for my Backyard Wildlife food plot in June I can now see some great results.

Deer and turkeys are often feeding here according to trailcam photos.

Summer’s slow start certainly hindered plant growth but both my plots have progressed nicely over the last three weeks.

Alfie my hunting buddy and I began construction of a tree stand blind last week. Imagine our surprise when we arrived to see a massive Popular tree snapped in two sections across the trail into the food plot!

Backyard-Wildlife-Food-PlotWe chose the east side of plot with a corn field

a few yards away.

A small creek divided this bush lot and corn field.

I planted Walk n Toss and Sweet Success seeds in two locations in early June after preparing the soil and eliminating  pesky weeds.

Both plots lead out to a corn field on the east side of the farm from the bush lot.

AS you can see I have some tree cutting and trimming on a massive downed Popular tree.

Luckily it didn’t damage this food plot when it snapped and fell.

Some photos of deer attracted to Rack Stacker Mineral Supplements and Sweet Success Feed mix.

Rack-Stacker Mineral SupplementDoe and two fawns enjoying a meal