Petition for Coyote Bounty

Coyote hunters and trappers will want to sign this petition.

Support M.P.P. Bill Murdock’s Coyote Petition

OWEN SOUND – Local MPP Bill Murdoch is inviting constituents to drop by his constituency office in Owen Sound and sign a petition calling on the province to control coyote attacks through a province-wide bounty program.

Petition – Coyote

Murdoch’s petition is calling for a $200 province-wide bounty on coyotes to be paid by Queen’s Park.

“The current system is too cumbersome. What I’m proposing would give farmers a direct way of dealing with problem coyotes without having to go through government red-tape,” Murdoch said.

Right now, every time a farm animal is killed by a predator in Ontario, a valuator is called in to determine if the municipality should reimburse the farmer. Currently, each county has its own reimbursement rate.

The landowner must prove farm animals have been killed by a problem coyote.

Make a copy and pass it on

Once you have a sheet filled with signatures.

Please return originally signed petitions to the office of:
MPP Bill Murdoch, 1047 2nd Ave East, Owen Sound, ON N4K 2H8 (519-371-2421)

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Petition – Coyote

Coyote caught on Spy-Point Trail cam

Petition – Coyote