Moultrie backyard wildlife feeder filled with feed

Filling my 55 gallon Moultrie backyard wildlife feeder with Deer feed.

With a warm up in temperatures today I decided I better top up my Moultrie Pro backyard wildlife feeder with some deer feed.

I set my unit at an eight second spin for 8:30 am and 4;40 pm run times. That way I get to watch the deer, turkeys and grouse gobble up the feed before it gets too dark. This is a big unit at 55 gallons and duel 6 volt batteries. It stands eight feet high hence the ladder required to fill it. The large steel drum will hold over 350 pounds of Rack Stacker feed so it takes quite some time to empty it.

An eight second run time uses about 1  1/2 pounds of feed per cycle twice a day.  I have it set up in a protected part of my property amongst the pine and cedar trees so the deer have no fear at chow time.

I may get a solar charger and some re-chhargeble 6 volt batteries when they come on sale. I picked this feeder up at Trombleys Tackle in Orillia at boxing day prices. Shop around for great deals on trail cams and feeders.

I will be setting up another Spy-Point Pro-X camera on this feeder soon as the lithium battery is charged up!

Filling my 55 gallon Moultrie backyard wildlife feeder with Rack Stacker feed.

Get out and help those deer ,  wild turkeys and game birds it’s been a cold snowy winter with more to come.

Get ready for the upcoming hunting shows & webinars.

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