Ontario’s Deer Licence Fees Up Again

Ontario MNR has increased deer licence fees almost every year over the last decade.

Are hunters and anglers getting the moneys worth?

As a deer hunter who loves to hunt the entire season I always purchase extra game seals when available. I have noticed over the last few years the costs are adding up, especially when not used.

It’s not uncommon to purchase three, four or five game seals as I hunt all over the province

Add in the cost of fuel to drive to hunt site, stay in a motel and enjoy some restaurant meals the price of hunting in Ontario adds up. Thats not to say it should be free to hunters but what has changed with the MNR automated deer tag licensing system to keep increasing its operating costs?

All of the hunting & fishing licence fees have increased, most every year some by one dollar while others by over 16%.

A quick check back to a 2003 deer licence was $33 plus tax.  Now in 2012 the cost is $45.04 with HST already added.

Non-resident hunting  fees are adding up just as fast for a cash strapped MNR that once had the dubious honour of receiving fuel handout to respond to after hour incidents requiring a conservation officer.

Now if licence fees are applied to keep COs employed thats fine but talk of having less officers in the field has me wondering what happened to the money from fee increases? Does it really go to the fund set up to receive it for Ontario’s outdoors.

When was the last time you talked with an MNR Conservation Officer in the field while hunting or fishing?

I have talked with them on opening day of Bass season and perhaps during the controlled shotgun deer season, but not often.

The last time I hunted moose for 10 days, never saw any at all.

Likewise during the spring wild turkey season, no COs in the field.

How about YOU, have you talked with any  COs?

Fishing season is fast approaching so perhaps a few MNR boats will get out to check licences.

Do you think your getting YOU’RE moneys worth ever time you buy a hunting or fishing licence?

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