Rack Stacker Deer Attractant Products Now National

Rack Stacker Deer Attractant Products Goes National Across Canada

Deer hunters across Canada can now obtain their favourite Deer attractant products in 279 local Canadian Tire Stores or 91 Wal-Mart locations.

With the Fall season for Deer Hunters open in many location on October 1st stocking up on last minute Rack Stacker products like, Blaze, Glory and Fixation will be a lot easier.

With 11 million CTC flyers out this week check it out.

Rack Stacker Deer Attractant Products now in CTC and Wal-Mart Stores across Canada

I’m a long time user of Steve Elmy’s Rack Stacker brand of deer attractants for planting DIY food plots for early and late season hunting and feeding deer year round. Deer attractants like Blaze & Glory provide minerals year round. While Fixation is great for hunting those secret Hidey Holes to attract big bucks.

Check out the Rack Stacker Deer Attractant products for your next hunt

There is also lots of information on how to plant DIY food plots or use deer attractants