Grizzinator Outfitting Caribou Hunt

My friends at Grizzinator Outfitting sent me this Caribou hunt offer


Grizzinator Outfitting has 3 caribou hunts open for August this year. That’s it! No more!

We have until July 23rd to get these filled.

Hunts take place on the Arctic Plain in Northern Alaska. 4 herds, 700,000 animals.

Grizzinator Outfitting Caribou Hunts


These hunts are 100% success every year we’ve done them.

Totally guided all inclusive except airfare and tags.

If you been wanting a great Barren Ground Caribou hunt but were unsure where to go; now you know!

You will not be disappointed! Due to cancellation hunts we’re letting these 3 spots Aug. 21-28 2011 go cheap.

$3,600 per hunter one ‘bou. Second caribou

trophy fee of $3,000.

Wolves free! Don’t wait. Don’t ask for different


This is the only time your gonna see this. Call now!

907-835-HUNT (4868)

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