Late season Fishing & Hunting in Elliot Lake

Last week I had the opportunity to enjoy a hunting and fishing trip to Elliot Lake for late season trout and grouse. Mother Nature however had other plans in mind.

Marty Descoteaux of Elliot Lake Outfitters had invited me up when we met during the Elliot Lake  ATV Fall Run in September. Naturally I wanted to hunt and fish as well as enjoy the terrific scenery from my ATV.

Marty suggested a few hidden hot spots for trout and pike and I was hooked. Normally he doesn’t guide hunters but he would certainly enjoy an all day trail ride looking for grouse with me as company ( my 20 gauge Citori in tow).

Back to Mother Nature; after 8 years of little to no snow in November & December it was decided the time was right for a dumping of snow and howling winds!

Over 20 inches of the white stuff fell in 5 days I was there. All the dirt trails I rode in August and September were concealed under a blanket of snow. Hoping to spot grouse or bunny tracks was next to impossible due to the blowing wind. As Marty often commented ” we haven’t seen a winter like this in 8 years!”

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Marty stuck in snow