Walleye are biting, bow season for deer opens Thursday

Walleye are biting up on Lake Dalrymple at dusk.

Thought I would troll for a few walleye on Lake Dalrymple before deer season opens. After all a  tasty meal of walleye fillets is almost as good as venison chops!

Trolling with any deep diver with a narrow body at 2.5 mph was the ticket. The lake was calm and little wind so that may change with today’s cold front blowing through. I stuck to about the 16-18 foot depth and had a few hits.

Kept one for the fry pan as planned and just enjoyed the evening on the lake with Sharron as we cruised on of many shoals. No bugs and an awesome sunset topped off this fishing trip.

This rain , winds and cold front passing through today might kick start the deer into moving more this week. I plan on being out with my BowTech sitting over one of  my Backyard Wildlife food plots. Good luck to you deer hunters.     Peters-Dalrymple-Walleye

Just don’t forget the fish are biting when your not hunting, isn’t fall just great!