Calling In Two Toms With My GobbleStalker Glass Pot Call

A Quick Gobbler Hunt At First Light.

After a twenty minute walk into my location I had just got set up and was ready to let out those first few hen wake up calls of clucks and purrs.

There were about twenty Oak trees up on an elevated plateau to the north that always had roosting turkeys. I had to walk across two fields then around the base of this 400 foot hill to a small valley entrance. An old logging trail headed north west along the back side of the plateau. I only had to walk in about a 100 yards.

I knew the area well having hunted here for a few seasons. It was still dark as the forest slowly came alive and changed from night sounds to early morning wake up calls. Sunrise was in another nine minutes at 6;04.AM. The Turkeys wake up tree calls had echoed down to me as they called back and forth for the last twenty minutes. I could hear them as they flew down, wings flapping and branches snapping landing on the ridge line above me.

A few soft strikes on my Gobble Stalker Glass Pot call was all that it took to get a response from a Gobbler.

Here’s how that hunt turned out


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