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Who is up for The Challenge?


In February 2012, Mayors across Ontario will take part in an imaginative, media grabbing contest that teams Mayors with one of their own firefighters in a friendly competition of ice fishing. They will be vying for the honour of presenting their home town fire department with an Argo, the amphibious, all terrain vehicle made in Canada that will be especially equipped for rescue work with a value of over $23,000.


The MAYORS’ ICE FISHING CHALLENGE is designed to partner with:

§   Towns seeking to stand out as winter fishing destinations and be showcased as such.

§   Tourism organizations looking for fresh ideas to capture media attention.

§   Supporters that value an ambitious advertising campaign including TV, radio and print that will be national and multilingual.

§   Towns that will venture to make gains in popularity with visitors and residents and possibly be taking home the versatile and irreplaceable Argo for their town’s rescue crews.

At over $23,000 the grand prize Argo is worth much more than the typical  cost of being a part of this unique event.



Why Ice Fishing?

1/ Ice fishing is part of the $2.3 billion generated annually by sport fishing in the province, and it can be a growing contributor to tourism.  Building awareness of ice fishing and its place in tourism is a leading objective for CPR Fishing Events©.


2/ The Challenge dates coincide with Ontario’s Family Ice Fishing Weekend, February 18-20, 2012. On these days any Canadian resident can fish in Ontario without buying an Ontario Fishing Licence. The requirements for ice fishing are extremely simple for anyone of just about any ability. (Normal fishing regulations still apply.)


3/ The nature of ice fishing makes it easy for people to get out and be involved. Any media group covering the event is going to find it accessible and with a pace that gives time for interviews and background reporting. Being up close with the Mayor and firefighter teams is not going to be a problem.


4/ Even small scale municipal ice fishing events have been able to draw out on-location news coverage, both by newspapers and regional television with suitable advance promotion.


Spectators become Participants.

Towns across Ontario have capitalized on this special weekend to create ice-fishing festivals and derbies that draw hundreds, in some cases thousands of people.


Promotional Features

CPR Fishing Events© will be creating interest in the Challenge with a media campaign of print, television and internet exposure. We will magnify the total effect by generating additional coverage through our network of connections in sport fishing and tourism that use these same means of distributing information and entertainment.


Promotional content is being created by CPR Fishing Events© to ensure coverage by a variety of means:

–    Broadcast television, radio and newspaper advertising (multilingual and national)

–    Point of interest cards, brochures, posters and more for visitor information centers and town offices.

–    Media Kits to assist partners in getting the message out through their own resources.

–    Website, Message Boards, Social networking, ie. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

–    News releases, Podcasts


Each town’s unique identity will be showcased prominently in the above advertising materials, to catch the public’s eye as an ice-fishing and tourism destination.


Additionally on the days of the event:

Sponsor/Partner logos on banners at the launch and at the fishing spot.

Argo support vehicles will display logos as well.

Random giveaways and draws for prizes with sponsor branding, to hold the crowd

Media coverage with VIP treatment for reporters, camera crews, etc. (parking, access to special guests and sponsors, on-ice transportation, media kits)



How the Mayors Ice Fishing Challenge works within Ontario’s Regional Tourism Organizations

Ontario Tourism has organized the province into 13 Regional Tourism Organizations (RTOs). With regard to tourism, every town in Ontario ultimately falls under one of these RTOs. It’s the new model of how tourism efforts are managed in such a vast and diverse province and CPR Fishing Events©  has adapted its marketing to this shift.

The towns participating in the Mayors’ Ice Fishing Challenge will first be grouped within their respective RTO. Each Mayor will partner with one member of their firefighter or EMS group to form the team. As the main prize is a rescue equipped Argo, getting the town’s fire department involved adds another level of interest and public appeal.

The winning team within each RTO continues on to represent that RTO and yes, their town also, to challenge the winning team from each of the other RTOs. These 13 teams will compete for a final day of ice fishing on a following date. For 2012 the final will be on Lake Simcoe. The winning team of the 2012 Mayors’ Ice Fishing Challenge will receive the Argo on behalf of their fire department. For one very lucky town, this is another occasion to invite the public and news media groups to the presentation.



CPR Fishing Events© is enthusiastically offering the Mayors’ Ice Fishing Challenge to every town in Ontario.


Sponsors and Partners in Tourism are encouraged to respond to this opportunity.


More detail on event organization, advertising objectives and budgeting are available and ready to present.


Are You UP for the Challenge?



I will look forward to presenting the entire plan and its benefits at the earliest opportunity. Your interest is welcomed so please call any time.


Rosa Sharpe

 Rosa Sharpe, Project Marketing & Development             

Cell: 905-251-5624      Tel 705-738-5757         
Box 561, Bobcaygeon, ON K0M 1A0


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