Angler charged with fishing in town

Charged for a fishing violation within the Town of Cobourg.


COBOURG -It’s not often people go looking for a ticket, but that’s exactly what Cobourg resident Ron Reyns has done for the last two years.

The problem is nobody would give it to him — until Monday.

And beyond that, it took six officials to finally find one infraction to charge him with.

Reyns, who has been an avid fisherman for most of his life, says he’s fed up with Cobourg’s bylaws — or, as he claims, the lack thereof.

“The issue is kids not being allowed to fish down here (at the harbour), plain and simple,” Reyns says.

“The bylaw is kind of screwed up as far as I’m concerned. You’re not causing any damage, you’re not causing any harm to anyone. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Time and time again over the last two years, Reyns has been testing local authorities. Monday he stated emphatically that he is fully respectful of police and the bylaw officers; it’s the bylaws that are the problem.


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