Hunting Heritage & Conservation Center in Ontario

Delta Waterfowl Hunting Heritage Center Opening

Delta Waterfowl Opens Hunting Heritage & Conservation Center in Ontario

LONG POINT, ONTARIO — Delta Waterfowl has established a Hunting Heritage & Conservation Center in Ontario, as the organization continues to expand its scope of work on behalf of ducks and duck hunters throughout North America.

The HHCC is a modern facility, with five main buildings located on 40 acres near Long Point and Lake Erie. It will provide seasonal and year-round accommodation and office space for Delta Waterfowl staff, students, technicians and volunteers.

“The center gives Delta Waterfowl a home and major presence in Ontario, a key place for waterfowl conservation and hunters,” said Scott Petrie, chief executive officer. “It’s a great expansion on Delta’s Great Lakes Initiative, too.”

Delta Waterfowl launched the Great Lakes Initiative earlier this year to focus on wetland conservation, research, education, duck production programs and hunter advocacy throughout the Great Lakes region. Delta’s GLI supports conservation interests and duck hunters in the eastern half of Canada and the United States.

In taking over the HHCC, which had been operated until recently by Long Point Waterfowl, Delta gains a solid base of operations in the Great Lakes region. Delta will operate the HHCC as a conservation and hunting learning center and as a resource for other area groups.

“It’s such a unique facility,” Petrie said. “There’s really nothing else like it in the region. We welcome our conservation partners to come and use the center.”

The HHCC features a conference room with seating for up to 100 people, an industrial kitchen, dining hall with seating for 60, cabin lodging for up to 50 people, office work spaces, plenty of room to camp, picnic area, shooting range, an interpretive trail, and basketball and volleyball courts.

Educating youth about conservation and hunting — a key part of Delta Waterfowl’s mission — will be a primary use of the HHCC. Delta conducted youth education camps in July and August at the center, and plans to expand education programs to include additional youth and adult workshops.

“I’m excited about the work Delta will do there,” Petrie said. “It’s a spectacular facility to deliver youth hunting and conservation courses, and it opens up opportunities for more research in the region.”

For more information, email [email protected], or call HHCC at (519) 428-2866.

Media: To schedule an interview with Dr. Scott Petrie, please email [email protected].

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