Liberal Government storing your personal data in foreign country

Your Personal Information goes to a foreign country when submitting your hunting harvest report to the MNR.

OK folks, we as Ontario hunters have a SERIOUS fight on our hands. When one calls the MNR licencing and reporting line, in order to (for example) report a turkey harvest (which you legally MUST do), one is informed that your personal data may be stored in a foreign country, and MAY BE SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION OF THAT FOREIGN COUNTRY.

This is unbelieveable, even for the Liberal government of this province. In order to comply with MNR reporting requirements, you have to allow your personal information to be subject to some foreign country’s jurisdiction.

This should be absolutely, completely UNACCEPTABLE.

As a law-abiding hunter and firearms enthusiast I find it hard to believe that the Liberal Government would allow an ONTARIO citizen to be subject to a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT jurisdiction.

Please try it yourself, phone 1-800-288-1155 and follow the prompts. Please raise hell with your MPP, and please make sure that all of your friends, family, and acquaintances who are Ontario hunters are aware of this. If you belong to a hunting club, and/or OFAH, make your voice heard.

We need to get this crap STOPPED, and IMMEDIATELY. And PLEASE do a “copy and paste” with this information  to an e-mail, then forward it.


Do YOUR part! Make a CHANGE!