Minnesota Emergency Deer Feeding Update

Minnesota Emergency Deer Feeding News – Update  March 14,2014

It is week 5 of the Emergency Winter Deer Feeding Initiative, and Minnesota Deer Hunters Association has purchased 110 tons of feed to be distributed on April 5. This is an increase of 22 tons from last week. Four of the seven distribution locations ran completely out of feed last Saturday (March 29), with another location down to its last half pallet. At this point, if every volunteer that has signed up came in to pick up feed, there would not be enough feed at any location to fulfill all of the needs. For that reason, for the 2nd week in a row, MDHA WILL NOT take on any NEW volunteer feeders at any of the distribution locations. This decision is solely due to the logistics of supplying the right amount of feed to distribute at each location, and doing it within the budget of $170,000 set by the DNR, with the parameter that once feeding in a particular area begins, it must continue on until spring thaw (meaning that priority has to be given to those who have already signed up and begun feeding). Those people who have signed up previously should expect their rations to stay the same each week. We need to make the money last until the snow melts!


Again this week, MDHA would like to thank those people who have stepped up to help give out feed at distributions on Saturdays and worked hard to make those distributions go smoothly. Thank you all! If you are interested in helping distribute feed on Saturdays, please contact Jenny at 218-327-1103, ext 20, or [email protected].

About Minnesota Deer Hunters Association:The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association is a 501C(3), non-profit conservation organizationdedicated to “working today for tomorrow’s wildlife and hunters.”  For more information about MDHA or to locate your nearest MDHA chapter, visit www.mndeerhunters.com or call 800-450-3337.