MNR Moose and Deer News

Moose Chase Lands West Nipissing Residents $3,500 in Fines


Two West Nipissing residents have been found guilty of unlawfully hunting a bull moose and using a vehicle to pursue the animal following complaints about a YouTube video of the incident.

Cory Crowder was fined $2,000 and Stephanie Pellerin was fined $1,500. In addition to the fines, Crowder and Pellerin were ordered to destroy all copies of the video filmed on the night of the offence and remove all related Internet postings.

Court heard that in October 2013, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry received complaints from the public about a video posted on YouTube. The video, taken by Stephanie Pellerin from inside the vehicle on the night of October 10, 2013, clearly showed the vehicle pursuing the moose while Crowder was driving. The moose was visibly distressed. The moose was chased off the Smokey Creek Bridge where it jumped, and died of its injuries. Crowder later returned with a friend to retrieve the moose.


 North Bay Man Fined $1,500 for Deer Tagging Violations


A North Bay man has been fined a total of $1,500 for deer hunting offences.

David Munro pleaded guilty to charges under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act and associated regulations. He was fined $500 for unlawfully attaching a game seal to a deer killed by another person, $500 for attaching the wrong seal to an antlerless white-tailed deer and $500 for failing to provide required information on a deer seal.

Court heard that on November 9, 2013, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry conservation officers conducted a hunting camp check at 211 Dowdall Road in Nipissing Township where they observed three harvested deer hanging from a meat pole in front of the camp. They inspected the three deer and game seals.

An investigation revealed that Munro attached another person’s antlered deer seal to an antlerless deer. An antlerless deer can be harvested only if the hunter or hunting party holds an antlerless deer validation tag. Munro also tagged another deer he had harvested with his own seal, but failed to notch out the required date and time of the kill on the seal.