Navigable Waters Protection Act” (NWPA)

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A friend of mine Jedi Jeffi who is an avid outdoors-man and kyacker is raising awareness about our government. Please check out these links if you want to continue to travel our waterways!

We are outdoor groups and individuals who are looking to help get the word out and protect our Canadian wilderness areas and was hoping you could introduce this cause to your fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

We are neither looking for money or memberships lists, We are looking to protect the areas we love.

And we are looking for you to present your views to the Canadian government.The long and short of it is we need help to reach out to all those who enjoy our remote areas and to bring awareness to the blight that the Canadian Water sheds and wilderness are now under.

Changes that have been forwarded on the “Navigable Waters Protection Act” (NWPA) will enable big business to “rape” much of Canada’s wilderness of it’s resources with out suffering the consequences of proper environmental protection. lakes.html  
Here is one forum on what is going on in the Nahanni National park. 8966&pos…

And this is going on all across the country!I could go on, so I will just post some links for you to follow up with if you want. I was one of the first outdoors people that sounded the alarm when it was first noticed the outdoor community was not invited to take place in the NWPA committee hearings.
At the 11th hour we managed to get a few regional and Provincial groups to respond but sadly their thoughts were dismissed in the report to parliament. Since then I have continued reaching out to other outdoor groups to make them aware of the situation.We now have approx. 50 various groups with notice of the changes listed on their sites.

The response from the Liberal Party is non-existent and the conservatives believe they don’t have to worry as it is not in the news enough and can get the changes through.Scott MacGregor, Rapid Media ­ Founder & Publisher [] was the first publisher to get on board,
And my response from John Werring, Salmon Conservation Biologist, Marine Conservation Program, David Suzuki Foundation, Ste. 219 – 2211 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6K 4S2
Quote “We are aware of the review that the NWPA is currently undergoing and we too are concerned about the direction things may be going in. That said, we have not yet formulated our response. We are currently in the information gathering mode and will likely be armed with enough info to take a position in the near future. Stay tuned.”So I hope you can find someone to help us all out.
Jeff McColl 264 Sydney st.
Milton Ont. L9T 1E1
              905-878-2565       ; cell               416-201-2760       
One forum on NWPA (where this all started)
I am jedi jeffi on the forums. 9875&sta…
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