Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association C.S.I.S.2008 NATIONAL FISHING WEEK WRITERS AWARDS
During the 2009 annual Outdoor Writers of Canada Convention held June 6th , 2009 in Peterborough.Bobber-NFW-web

Second Place Memories of a Bobber by Peter Wood. (won an award last year)
I bet everyone in this room could share their own memories of a bobber. Peter explains how there is magic in that red and white bobber because sometimes the fanciest sport fishing equipment isn’t the most effective. His story reminds us that a simple red and white bobber probably got most of us hooked on fishing, so why not take the time during National Fishing Week to take a kid fishing and create your own memories of a bobber.


Published in the Dunnville Chronicle in my outdoor column June 27th, 2007


Second Place How to get hooked on a lifetime of fond memories by Peter Wood.

Most of you in this room know how fishing is the catalyst to life long friendships and treasured memories.Share my memories by taking a journey with some of my closest friends. I encourages everyone to take a special friend fishing and create more Fish On time together.


What does fishing actually mean to you? Some anglers drool just glancing at a heaping plate of steaming hot perch fillets. Other anglers focus on landing the Big One.

I believe most anglers savour quality time fishing with a special friend out on a tranquil lake at sunrise. Perhaps walking a stretch of memory filled trout stream together will bring a smile when mentioned.

One of many such special friends is Howard. He is a World War 2 Veteran who just turned a resilient eighty-seven years young. I believe Howard regains his youth every time he steps down from the riverbank into the liquid swirling reflections of sky. Wait, I know he does; even after a morning swatting suicidal squeeters, dodging branches or doing a balancing act on sunken logs.

Memories of how he laughed while strategically flicking a true to life temptation to an unseen submerged quarry on one of his many much-loved trout streams still cross my mind. Of course Howard’s smile tells it all when he reels in a radiant rainbow to his hand crafted net made so many decades ago.

Yes I’m positive fishing keeps Howard young. His stories of fishing excursions with his brother and dad over the years always end with a laugh and a smile.Perhaps its the slow pace and meticulous nature of exploring each darkened pool or undercut edges as we share techniques and different tackle. Whispering guidance on how to fish a certain boulder or stump.

I dont have the patience or expertise to craft hand made flies, but any time I can try one of his specialty flies my mind acknowledges past triumphs.Sharing custom crafted flies with a special friend will ensure a smile any time one is used whether you catch a fish or not.

Those that know me from my youth knew my dad never taught me to fish. He did encourage the kind efforts of friends, neighbours and yes even strangers to ensure I learned to enjoy and be fascinated by spending countless hours attached to a red & white bobber and be tantalized by whatever was hovering six feet below it.

Im very thankful he did. I made some life long friends in the process. Now decades later I have many fishing buddies that continue to share our memories and tales on and off the water. Often the phone will ring with tempting offers to join a school buddy in a canoe or bass boat for a days fishing on a secluded pond, lake or river that we discovered so many years before. It’s that special spot on a spot that still yields memories every time we drop a line together.

I know my most special fishing friend is Howards daughter Sharron. We met five years ago and knew our love of fishing would take us far. Whether its pursuing Salmon or Lakers out in Lake Ontario or jigging for Cod off the Vancouver Islands west coast of BC. We have fished in southern tropical oceans and mirror flat lakes in Northern Ontario. Standing on our dock at sunset will have us gazing west at this glowing globe of indescribably brilliance slowly sinking into the lake.

Often we laughed at utterly silly topics or chattered on what to cook for dinner after getting skunked. Conversations as to what lure might work best except for this one time would follow up many of those nights. Yes you may have noticed the lack of dramatic conversation or harsh words spoken while we fished. There was never ever any reason to use them even when hooked with an errant flung lure with over sized treble hooks on a well worn prized lure,,,,OUCH!

Well ok perhaps a few versus of a long forgotten anglers plea might be whispered.

Standing together side by side on a rickety pier

Rods in hand hoping to catch that trophy fish

Eyes searching across the water for ripples in vain

Rod bent back you both let them rip.

I whispered; dang that was close to my ear

You glance out towards that ripple again, I know you looked

Letting loose yet again, lure spooling out with a whizzing swish

Suddenly I yell out with incredible pain

Followed by a vicious tug at my screaming lip

I knew right then and there fishing had me hooked!


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In 2007 My weekly Go Fishin’ Podcast Show received a Bronze Award from Summit Creative Awards for an episode published in October for Episode 003 – Todd Griffin, Raccoon Hunter & Trapper.

Podcast Award
2007 Podcast Award- Ripple Outdoors Podcast Show




My Bi weekly outdoor column in the Dunville Chronicle Newspaper has won awards with the Outdoor Writers of Canada OWC .

In 2006 the Canadian Sports Fishing Industry writing award for my outdoor column in the Dunnville Chronicle Newspaper entitled “National Fishing Week is for everyone”.



National Fishing Week Writing Awards


Three of Canada’s top outdoor writers have received National Fishing Week writing awards

from the Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association. Presented at the annual conference at

the Outdoor Writers of Canada held June 8-10, the winning articles deliver a range of positive

messages about fishing: the ongoing conservation efforts of anglers, teaching young people

to fish, and the recognition that fishing is for everyone regardless of ability or disability.

The awards were created to celebrate outstanding writing while fostering an increased awareness

of the importance of angling to Canada.

THIRD PLACE National Family Fishing Week is for everyone (The Dunnville Chronicle)

by Peter Wood This article reminds us that disabled anglers face challenges in catching fish.

Just getting to the water safely can be a major obstacle. While many of us focus on new ways

to outwit the fish, it is important to remember that fellow anglers with mobility issues should

be considered when lake and stream access is being discussed and planned. This article

brings the issue to the fore by reinforcing the message that fishing, and National Fishing

Week truly is for everyone.

The 2006 Shimano National Communications Award for a magazine feature in Michigan Out of Doors ” Border Blitz”

OWC President Susan Kane on the left presents Peter Wood his award.


OWC-2006 Shimano National Communication Award

In 2004 NationlCommunication Award for my outdoor column in the Dunnville Chronicle entitled “Ducky Day in the Marsh” , in conjunction with Ducks Unlimited Canada for the Wet Land Appreciation Awards.

After graduating from, The North American School of Outdoor Writing founded by Roger Brunt I have discovered wonderful opportunities in the outdoor media communications world.

Outdoor Writers of Canada Awards
Roger Brunt Founder of NASOW and graduate Peter Wood with their OWC writting awards