Slugs or Buckshot?

Well what’s YOUR preference? With opening day of the 2007 shotgun hunt beginning November 5th are you ready?

 I’m sure you have sighted in your shotgun by now. Ya right! I haven’t, mostly due to enjoying time in the forest bow hunting for bucks.

Hopefully soon somewhere between upland birds, geese, bow hunting and some time on the water my shot gun will get sighted in.
Some of you are saying,,,, I can hear it now, “Well I have been shooting bucks with my shotgun for 6 years and never missed yet!”

So did you use slugs or buckshot? Was it at 10 yards or 80 yards?
Was it running broadside, standing still or chasing a doe?

Where you sitting in a treestand, pail or dogging?

Were there any trees, shrubs or cornstalks hindering your sight path?

Some shotguns have just a plain barrel, others a vented rib with beads. While others have a scope and or rifled barrel combination.

I tried a halogen sight on my 1100 last year and it worked like a dream, Quick and easy my shotgun deer season ended before 8am on opening day.
This year I will install it on my 870 pump and see how that works out.

With various boxes of ammo, slugs, 1 0z to 17/8oz loads, buckshot 9 pellets, Loads 2/34 – 3 inch, so many choice! Winchester, Federal to name but two.

You may have heard this before but it’s worth repeating.
Get your hunting buddies and everyone bring one box of ammo. All different of course , so decide beforehand.

Each guy sights in his shotgun using different brands.
Costs are kept to a minimum and everyone figures out what load works best in his deer gun!

I normally shoot at targets that are at 20, 40, & 60 yards.
An afternoon with the gang can bring big dividends come opening day.

Have a safe and enjoyable hunt

I know where im sitting opening morning, surrounded by Oaks!

Oh,,, by the way,,,,,What way do you hang your deer?