Archers are ready to hunt when using the right archery supplies and hunting gear for deer and turkey hunting.

You can buy all sorts of archery supplies and gear or camo clothing; some of these accessories  can help you disappear in the forest. But it’s often those unique and custom camo items that may make the difference in filling your tag.

I have my own favourite lines of clothing and often mix and match them depending on the location where I’m hunting during the fall deer or turkey season.

Numerous bow-hunting retailers and suppliers have camouflage clothing available that is made of material in see through mesh, cotton, nylon and other names I can’t pronounce. With an assortment of coats, shirts, pants and hats in Realtree, Advantage, ASAT,  Predator,  Shadowear along with countless other patterns available finding the right piece of clothing is rather simple.

But what about those hard to find camo items like full and half face masks, neck gators and dickies, or bow and gun cases in both full size or take down models. Bow hunters supplied with the right archery hunting gear will experience better hunts.

When custom designed camouflage material is hand crafted into workable attire suitable for hunting you can put the last touches on your strategy to disappear into the background from a buck’s vision.

I realized during one hunt when hunting all day from my Command Post ground blind or my Double Bull Matrix ground blind that as the sun intensified its rays my face was lit up like a beacon. I knew would need to be fully clothed in black on my next hunt. While not a problem finding black pants and coat I did have to check around for a black facemask.

When hunting with a bow or crossbow human  scent can also be a big factor up close.

A Buck’s super sensitive nose will detect you long before your camo comes into view.

Buck Fever is the only synthetic product I use to help defeat a buck’s nose.

With a full line of scent eliminating wipes and sprays that reduce human scent you can have confidence in your camo up close to keep you hidden.

Washing your camo in Buck Fever before hunting will Make Bucks Hunt YOU.


Check out Buck Fever in Canada

A few phone calls to some hunting retailers answered my dilemma. A small Ontario company call Fred’s Camo had ninja style reversible black/camo dickies and full-face models in most of the hunting stores in Ontario. They were just the item I required to blend in with the black background of my ground blind. With some darkened nylon camo gloves I literally vanished mere inches from the opening of my blind while aiming my Bowtech.

black blind background

Another problem I had was finding a soft-sided camo bow case for my Bowtech compound bow to use when hiking into my tree stand site during those Oh- Dark-hundred hours. Carrying a hard full size plastic case was both noisy and very un- practical. I needed to protect my sensitive sites, string and a quiver of arrows from nasty gnarly twigs and branches. It had to be lightweight and easily stowed when not in use.  I also needed a travel case for my bow and arrows in snowy weather.

I called Fred Johnston at 905-986-5457 to see if he had an answer for my dilemma to which he replied “ Of course, give me the bow’s dimensions and stop by next week.”

As I had some assignment video work for Backyard Wildlife Products near Belleville I would be passing by Blackstock, Hwy #7 & #35 to pick it up. Fred would of course ship it out to me but I wanted to meet the man who specialized in unique hunting products.


Normally one of the many outdoor stores I often visit would have his camo products in stock but this was a speedy special order filled by Fred as a favour.

Fred mentioned he just dropped off a custom carry case for a traditional breakdown bow for a client who mentioned he could have used one like this last week while in Arkansas had he only know!  I looked at one and it made me want to get a breakdown bow just to slide one it in! His custom bow carrier was a fine piece of custom workmanship indeed.

Some of the sporting shops that carry Fred’s Camo are Gagnons, Quinte Sports, Saugeen Shafts, Accuracy Plus, Emms Sports, Head To Toe Outfitters, W.R. Longs, Shooters Choice, Williams Arms, Bennets Bait’n Tackle, Deep River Outfitters, Eli’s Guns& Archery, Ellwood Epps Sporting Goods, Huron Sports Outfitters, Ontario Gun Services, Lake Huron Rod & Gun, Nissouri Country, Pritchard Gun Repairs & Sales(Thunder Bay),Wolfs Den, Santarossa Shooting Sports, The Wild Outdoors, Minden Live Bait & Tackle Inc, Mackies Mountain Archery, Kenogami Gun Shop, Kawartha Lakes Outdoors and Kawartha Traditional Archery.

For custom orders contact Fred directly at 905-986-5457

Tell him Peter Wood of Ripple Outdoors sent ya!

You can contact me  info(at)rippleoutdoors(dot)com

or phone 519-324-6558 for BUCK FEVER in Canada Synthetic Scents and Attractant Products