Ontario hunters discovered Buck Fever USA Synthetic Deer Scent System great for hunting across Canada.

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) was detected in  Alberta and central USA in some deer herds.

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources OMNR instigated a ban in the fall of 2010 on the use of natural deer products in Ontario.

Shelves were full of natural deer scents like Tinks, Code Blue, etc but hunters were not allowed to use them to legally hunt during Ontario’s deer hunting season in 2010.


Many hunters scrambled as they searched archery, gun and outdoor stores to find an alternative product that would attract deer legally to use during the hunting season.


While not widely available at the time in Ontario;  Buck Fever USA synthetic deer scent had been used  since 1989 with awesome results.

Ripple Outdoors is proud to announce

they are Canada’s Distributor of Buck Fever USA Synthetic Scents & Products

Proven very  effective by hunters all over using the Buck Fever system of scent elimination and attractant products year round.

Buck Fever now in Canada
Buck Fever now in Canada


A huge benefit of Buck Fever Synthetics is the infinite shelf life because it never spoils! Once reactivated by rain or other moisture this is a scent that last for months in the woods. These scents are guaranteed not to transmit disease and they will not spook deer.


When you open a bottle of deer scent made from real deer urine you are likely to smell an ammonia-like odor. This is the smell of bacterial breakdown or spoiling. This process begins as soon as the urine leaves the deer. A possible reason is deer can determine how recently other deer have been in the area. In other words, odds are a live deer can determine real deer urine scent is old and stale because it smells old! And that means it probably won’t work!

Buck Fever lasts for months outdoors and is constantly refreshed by moisture.

Real deer urine will last for a matter of hours before it spoils, or is gone.

Buck Fever Synthetic Scents on the other hand lasts for months because there is no bacterial breakdown.

Buck Fever Scent crystallizes only to revert back to its liquid state when rain or other moisture is present

Canada’s frigid and often sub zero climate was tested Pre/Post Rut down to minus 37 C or ( –35 F) degrees below zero in a glass container, and it didn’t freeze.

Each of our other products (including Vanishing Hunter) started to freeze at right around 0 C or 32 F degrees.

But even if they froze solid, their overall performance is not affected after they thaw.

In fact, we’ve heard of Canadian hunters making small frozen Rutsickle balls (deersickles) on a string and using them very effectively in sub freezing temperatures.

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