How many of you would like to see more big bucks this hunting season?


Setting up your own Buck Trap to make bucks hunt you this season is easy.


How many of you would like to make those big mature bucks hunt for you in your location?

Knowing when and where those big bucks roam in the day time is the vital key.

Big bucks can be pattered if not spooked by wandering hunters or bothered in day light hours.

You don’t want to get all your photos by the light of a full moon and knowing when bucks are on the move in daylight is key.

It doesn’t take a lot of time,  if done right actual setup time can be easily less than 20 minutes.

Costs can be kept minimal with the right tools.


One of the unique things about a buck trap is you can set it up long before hunting season arrives.



Why does a buck trap work?

Deer deer communicate as a herd species using scent every day.

Deer depend on their sense of smell for defense, mating and survival

Seven of the five glands located on the deer leave a scent for other deer.

Eye, forehead and mouth glands along with metatarsal and hoof glands all contribute to communication network within the herd

Dominate bucks lead the way while the rest of the local herd follow.

A new “dominate buck” in the area will stir the social pot for sure.

Local deer will check out any new deer in the area.

Sort of like a Deer Face Book Page in the forest.


You will require some basic tools to set your own Buck Trap


Rubber boots

Stick to scrape ground

String to tie branch in place

Deer Attractants and Scent Controlling Spray,

Buck Fever forehead gland for a licking branch

BF Pre/Post Rut used year round

BF Rut  just before and during the rut period

BF Scent controlling spray and Vanishing hunter wipes

Setting up your own Buck Trap to make bucks hunt you this season is easy.

Bait is not used in Buck Traps  as it only lasts a few days before replenishing.

Bait is great to use when your conducting a trail camera deer survey over a two-week period in August.

For game trail deer survey tactics listen to the podcast

To find out more about Buck Fever in Canada

Free Video on How To Make a Buck Trap

Buck Fever in Canada Synthetic Deer Attractants
Make Bucks Hunt You at Your BUCK TRAP

Buck Fever Synthetic Deer Attractants never expire or go stale.

They are reactivated with every rain fall or snowfall until used up.

That’s why the work so well in Buck Traps.


Trail Camera Choices

Game trail cameras that transmit photos by cell – enables you to receive a photo to your cell phone or computer a few minutes after a buck photo taken. Very useful when you know the buck is active in daylight hours and at what buck trap location.

Spypoint Trail camera Live -3G transmit a photo to your mobile devices or computer

Buck photos direct to your mobile device or computer



A great choice for areas without cell service would be the Tiny-W   or    BF-7

Avoid spooking bucks

Spypoint’s game trail camera that store pictures on a digital card in a remote receiver 250 feet away

You must travel to that location and retrieve card contents to view any deer photos.

Often distributing scent in that area or spooking deer when walking into the buck trap.

There are numerous choices of trail cameras when your budget come into play.

Just remember you only get what you pay for in most cases.

Look for a quick trigger time, long battery life and high capacity card.

A black flash is a worthy investment.

Some bucks get spooked by a normal flash or a red glow , a Black Flash is your best bet.

Wont Spook DEER or be DETECTED


                                                                                                                                                      Check out a Spypoint BF-7       


Regardless of what camera you buy and use a LOCK BOX and PYTHON CABLE to secure it!


Setting up your BUCK TRAP

Once you have your trail camera ready with a fully charged battery and formatted digital card wipe it down your trail  camera with some Buck Fever wipes.

Spray down your hands and rubber boots and clothes with some Buck Fever Vanishing Hunter three-way Scent Controlling Spray. As the name implies controlling human scent to avoid detection is essential.

Next comes the part to lay some boot rubber on the ground to select your buck trap location.

A previous buck scrape or an old rub line is often a good place to start looking.

You can do a series of scrapes leading up to your location, spread them about 50 yards apart.

Try to select an area suitable for your tree stand or ground blind.

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