How many of you have heard that snort wheeze only to realize you were just busted by a buck or doe?

deer snort wheeze-2

Likely you were busted for one or three reasons, movement, noise, or human scent detection. Or maybe it was a combination of the three!

Who hasn’t been busted?

Of course being busted as your coming to full draw is bad; but when you’re busted 50, 60 or 100 yards away your hunt is over before you even know it.

Watching a deer out of range stomp its hoof , snort and wheeze to finally turn and bound away happens to everyone.

Doe senses danger and stomps hoof

As a hunter you need to avoid detection to have a chance at taking your shot.  Even rifle, muzzle and shotgun hunters have to be aware of scent and movement at those distances.

Sitting still will certainly avoid a deer vision especially when wearing clothing that is silent keeping any stray noise to a minimum. It doesn’t matter if its camo or blaze orange it’s the movement that catches a deer’s predator vision.


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