Planning Whitetail Deer food plots for Canadian hunters can be intimidating.

After my article in Ontario OUT of Doors magazine on “Deer Food Plots” was published I continued to use Rack Stacker deer seed and attractant products .

Last year a ban on natural deer products came into effect for Ontario hunters. I looked for a safe legal deer scent that really worked to attract both buck and does.

After all big bucks follow hot does.

Buck Fever Synthetic Deer Scents are now available for  hunters in Ontario and across Canada.

With the Ministry of Natural Resources ban on natural deer products due to chronic wasting disease (CWD) I now highly recommend  Buck Fever as the only safe legal scent attractant for deer hunters.

For food plots I also recommend Rack Stacker brand seeds as they performed best in Canada’s frigid climate.

A year after my “Plotting  A Buck Dinner”  was published I heartily agreed to join Steve Elmy and the Rack Stacker Elite Pro-Staff team.

Steve’s long time commitment and expertise in deer nutrition enabled his company to become the leader in providing quality deer products suitable for Canada’s climate extremes.

Rack Stacker’s numerous blends of perennial and annual seed mixture ensures your DIY food plot will provide deer with the food they require year round.




Eliminate the weeds and ensure there is at least fours hours of sunlight and you’ll experience phenomenal tonnage in your plot.

I continued my deer education with the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) in wildlife habitat and forest management. As a member I learned how and where to implement a quality food plot with proper planning.  Rack Stacker founder is also a graduate of Deer Stewart courses 1 and 2 . Elite staff member understands what is required for a balanced deer habitat.

I look forward to completing the QDMA Deer Stewart courses in 2011.

On going research regarding the properties where I hunt and manage my own Rack Stacker food plots have been invaluable providing me year round data on Whitetail Deer food plots.

I know Buck Fever synthetic deer scents in Canada will bring my hunting experiences to a new level this fall.

Feel free to drop me an email if  you need any food plot problems analyzed and answered.

info [at] rippleoutdoors [dot] com

You can also sign up on the Whitetail Deer Food Plot Podcast page for upcoming events and tips.

There is also information on how to do you own Game Trail Camera Survey

I can also provide all of your Rack Stacker Deer attractant products with seed blends, mineral fountain and supplements

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Rack Stacker Fixation Mixture

Buck Fever Synthetic Deer  Scents from Michigan

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Awesome buck licking a Rack Stacker Glory Mineral Fountain stump