What’s in your Outdoor First Aid Kit?

I don’t know anyone involved with Canada’ great outdoors that hasn’t required some sort of first aid attention, Do you?

After thirty years of enjoying time in the outdoors hunting, fishing, ATVing, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling and photography there has been many a time a dependable decent first aid kit was required to treat  a nasty cuts, burned fingers, scrapes knee, wrenched ankle, or something simple like a sliver stuck in my hand.

Having the means on hand to treat any injury often helps prevent further injury or worse not being able to continue what ever you were doing. Better yet making it back to your car, home or hospital to continue treatment if required.

What about those outdoor situations like hunting, fishing, ATVing and hiking?

No one wants to lug around a huge bag full of “what if this happens stuff”.

There should be a proper First Aid kit in every house, every car, every office. You know it, we all know it, but somehow we never get around to it!

Here’s a way to say you care, and to be better prepared for those ‘situations’.

How about a light weight waterproof bag stuffed with a professionally designed first aid kit for outdoor emergencies.

When I started hunting over thirty years ago in Ontario’s remote wilderness areas for Moose I knew a reliable first aid kit was essential part of my gear for those ten day hunts. Lucky for me one of our hunters designed such a kit. ( see below for the ripple discount )

First a  quick background on my hunting buddy “Glennie” on how he decided a quality first aid kit was essential.

FAC First Aid was established in 1999 but our roots go back long before that. Glenn saw the need for a First Aid kit for outdoors and wilderness applications back in the late 1980s and couldn’t find anything on the market. So his company FAC designed one, together with an ER physician and a senior EMT trainer. People saw our kits and asked if they could buy them — and the company evolved from those beginnings.

FAC First Aid is owned and operated by Glenn Springer. With a degree in science and technology, many years in corporate marketing and a passion for sharing his expertise in many aspects of safety training, he has used a variety of resources to make the company what it is today.

His tongue-in-cheek motto is “…we sincerely hope you never have to use any of our products, but what we’re really about is manufacturing the best First Aid kits we can, kits we would use ourselves. Surprisingly, our prices are competitive with the most basic of kits offered by our competitors! We do that by keeping our overheads at a minimum and investing a lot of research and effort into building a quality product.

FAC First Aid is a custom house: although we have many standard products, our forté is designing kits to suit specific applications — whether that’s a trauma bag for Search and Rescue in the high Arctic or a small promotional kit for a corporate client. Please ask if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we can probably make it for you!

Each province and territory has their own regulations and unfortunately they’re all different. Because we’re in Ontario, we focus on Ontario WSIB-compliant kits, and kits which exceed the Canada Labour Code under the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Act. These are all great kits, but they don’t necessarily meet the requirements in your province exactly. We have developed kits for the other provinces, but they don’t yet meet OUR standards as being outstanding, no-compromise products. It’s in the works, but it all takes time. In the meantime, please use the Canada Labour Code kits or contact us for custom product if you have a substantial requirement. We’re working on it, though!


Make no mistake. These are REAL First Aid kits, not just half-empty boxes. The most frequent feedback often heard is “your kits are too full!”. FAC put the best supplies – and lots of them – in their kits.

 First Aid Stuff

The FAC website is www.firstaidco.ca but the main products of interest for outdoors situations would be:

FAC logo

http://www.firstaidco.ca/facpak2.shtml : Outdoor/ATV/Boating?Wilderness kit (promo code – ripple)

http://www.firstaidco.ca/wdv08.shtml : WSIB compliant Vehicle kit

http://www.firstaidco.ca/doggie.shtml : Doggie First Aid Kits

 So many hunters have their best friend along on many hunts,

Do you know what to do when your hunting buddy gets hurt?

Man’s Best Friend is out there in the big dangerous world too! Maybe she steps on a piece of glass and cuts her paw. Or gets in an altercation with that cat next door. Or surprises a porcupine in the woods, or has a run-in with that guy on a motorcycle. Dogs need First Aid too!

Most of those kits above are also found on this page:



Check out the links above unless of course you absolutely know

“I’ll never need a first aid kit”

Of course who is to say that your friends, family or a stranger might need your help someday!

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Stay safe , be prepared.