First Aid Kit Designed for Hunters and Anglers

What to look for in an Outdoor First Aid Kit

First Aid Company (FAC) tongue-in-cheek motto is …we sincerely hope you never have to use any of our products“, but what they are really about is manufacturing a quality lightweight First Aid kit designed for the outdoors.

Every one at some time in the outdoors will need a first aid kit or first aid care. You know it and I know it.

FAC First Aid was established in 1999 but their roots go back long before that. Glenn saw the need for a First Aid kit for outdoors and wilderness applications back in the late 1980s and couldn’t find anything on the market.  I  know we hunted together for over 20 years.

So his company FAC designed one, together with an ER physician and a senior EMT trainer. Other hunters, anglers, hikers and other outdoor people saw theses kit or were treated by theses kits and asked if they could buy them — and the First Aid Company evolved from those beginnings.

Having the means on hand to treat any injury often helps prevent further injury or worse not being able to continue what ever you were doing. Better yet making it back to your car, home or hospital to continue treatment if required.

For more information on first aid kits check out the full page on the Outdoors In Ontario link

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