What type of Deer hunter are you?

Hunting and scouting for whitetail deer involves knowing when, where and why.
Rookie Whitetail hunters on their own that haven’t had the benefit of a mentor or more advanced deer hunter often spend countless hours in the field getting frustrated by lack of deer sightings.

As hunters become more proficient in tactics and learning deer habits success climbs with more deer sightings and opportunities in filling a game seal with a small buck or doe.

As a hunter gains more skills in the field chances of eating game tag soup at the end of the hunting season dwindle.

Filling a tag is now more easily accomplished.


Did you enjoy your Deer Tag Soup?



Trophy hunting monster bucks will grab hold of the hunter until that phase has been realized.

The more mature a hunter become the more they want to give back to hunting. After many successful seasons filling tags and perhaps bagging the odd monster whitetail they now prefer to help mentor hunters just starting out.

Using the right deer attractant will go a long way to avoid that bowl of Tag Soup.


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