Game Trail Camera Survey Tactics for Whitetail Deer

Game trail cameras are essential to conduct a

Whitetail Deer Management survey

for any property.


Any property can be surveyed from 50 to 1000 acres.

Using the right digital game trail cameras, the right enticement to draw deer in and of course knowing how to set up in the best location a proper survey can be done.

Knowing how, when and where is the key to doing it right.

Knowing how many deer habitat a certain area before hunting season will certainly help turn the odds in your favor.

Knowing there are mature whitetail bucks roaming around your wood lot will certainly help in deciding where to set up your tree stand long before hunting season begins

A game trail camera survey will help you determine a deer herd’s density and their general health

Winter deer feeding


Identify unique antlers on mature bucks is a great way to separate a shooter buck from those bucks they need to mature another season


How Many Points Do You See


Imagine having a printed report



Roaming Your Property


Knowing the ratio of does to bucks will also be revealed in this informative report.

A balanced deer herd is indeed a healthy herd

To conduct a successful deer camera survey correctly

YOU need the correct answers to these questions.


What type of digital camera works best?

How many trail cameras do you need?

What digital resolution works best?

How much time is required to do a survey?

Where do you set cameras up to do a survey?

How do you set camera controls for best possible photos?

What time of the year provides OPTIMUM results?

How often do you check survey sites?

What’s attractant brings bucks into a survey area?

What can go wrong?

What happens with all those photos taken?

How do you decide what information is useful?

How do you interpret those numbers to balance a deer herd?

How do you avoid photographing those other critters?

Does this look like a deer?

Will your computer process all those digital photos?

Can high-resolution photos be easily printed?

How Hunters decide if it’s better to use a




Consider costs for digital cameras/digital cards/batteries

Supply and cost of a quality whitetail attractant that works.

Time devoted to service survey locations.

There is a short time frame each year to conduct a Deer Camera Survey

to achieve optimum results.

Knowing what all those numbers and photos really mean and how to process them into a hard copy easy to understand report in time for the hunting season.

Compiling a detailed report on mature bucks

complete with high-resolution photos

Easily referenced before and during the hunting season providing essential data in your hand.



Ripple Outdoors will be conducting

a TWO hour seminar

“Six Essential Tactics to Conduct a Game Trail Deer Camera Survey”


Hunters will learn the basics to conduct a game trail deer camera survey

· Choosing a game camera

· Setup tactics and site location

· Attractants and baits

· Sorting and aging survey results

· Work sheet formulas

· Shoot/Don’t Shoot Album

Don’t have time to attend our seminar?

Landowners or hunters that require an in depth survey without doing all the work in the field and on the computer can also book an appointment for a on location quote with the Ripple Outdoors Team.


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