Winter Time Coyote Hunting with a Rim Fire Rifle

 Will a rim fire rifle like a 17HMR outperform a shotgun?
Of course centre fire caliburs such as 22-250, 25-06, 243 and 223 will easily outperform rim fire and shotguns at distances over 150 yards.
Predation by coyote attacks is on the rise according to news media. Urban and suburban areas are favorite area of coyote predation.  This natural predator will eat almost anything including berries, rabbits, bugs, mice small birds, grasshoppers, frogs and birds when available.

As a scavenger coyotes eat road kill and carrion.

When coyotes locate closer to town small dogs and cats are of course one of a coyote’s favorite meals when that opportunity arises.

The coyote has few predators that endanger it survival; perhaps bears, wolves or cougars but mostly humans are the top coyote predator.

Landowners and small farms owners have noticed an increase of coyote attacks on sheep, goat’s calves and other farm livestock due to the exploding population of coyotes.

 What tools are available to landowners and hunters to combat high coyote predation?

In the past poisoning baits and trapping killed millions of coyotes.

Laws and regulations and low hunters numbers contribute to the higher number of predators.

Urban and suburban area have many restrictions where firearms are used to control predation.

As a hunter you need to obtain landowners permission to hunt on any private property. Perhaps you know of farmers that have been ravaged by coyote attacks on their livestock. You may know landowners have lost pets and chickens to coyotes.

Always be safe with all firearms and obtain the proper permission to hunt any property.

Using shotguns and rim fire rifles are probably the best choice on smaller land tracts. While archery equipment can be use the success rate is very low.

Calling coyotes in close as an art form using a combination of decoys, such as coyote and prey in both motionless and ones that move.  Digital and mouth operated calls also can used very effectively.

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