Have you ever wondered what are the best medium priced rifle scopes or binoculars being used by the average hunter?

After thirty years of stomping through the bush and sitting in tree stands during the hunting season I have come to depend on my hunting optics a great deal.

Before spending your hard earned cash on optics what do you look for in rifle scopes, binoculars, range finders, spotting scopes, trail cameras, shotgun and crossbow scopes and cameras both still and video.

Yep that’s a lot of optics to consider for your next hunt!

Manufactures in today’s competitive hunting optic market offer a wide assortment of optics in high and low end models.

Depending on your budget is likely the first place you will come to a decision on purchasing the model best suited to your wallet.

Sure there is high-end optics with built in range finder and compass. They are fog proof, waterproof, and have crystal clear view during those low light situations. Expect to pay accordingly of course.

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